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How to apply window decals for retail signage?


 What do you need for window decal installation?

  • Your decals or retail window clings
  • Spray bottle
  • A few drops of dish soap in a pint of water
  • A hard, straight edge, such as a credit card

How to put a window decal?

When applying vinyl stickers to glass, follow these steps:

1. Clean the Glass

Decals adhere best to clean surfaces. Before starting the installation process, clean the window thoroughly and dry it completely.

2. Identify the Sticky Side

One of the most common questions we get at Houston Sign Company is: Do window decals go inside or outside the glass? The answer is that it depends on whether you have ordered inside or outside decals. If you are unsure which decals you have, check which side of the decal is the shiniest and smoothest. This is the protective sheet that shields the decal adhesive.

Regular window decals, which stick to the front of a window, have the protective sheet on the back of the image. Inside decals have the protective sheet on the front of the picture.

3. Remove the Protective Sheet

Carefully peel the plastic protective sheet away from the decal. If you install vinyl lettering on windows, you will need to remove the plastic sheets from each letter.

It is often best to do this for a single letter at a time, rather than unpeeling all the protective sheets and then starting to stick the decals onto the glass.

4. Spray the Decal With Soapy Water

Applying vinyl decals with soapy water is an excellent way to ensure they adhere firmly to the window. Lightly spray both the decal and the window with soapy water.

5. Place the Decal on the Window

Place the decal on the soapy window and slide it around to position it correctly. If the decal is huge, you might need to use a level to ensure straight. For more tips on applying a large vinyl decal, contact our team.

6. Secure the Decal in Place

Slide your credit card or another hard-edged object across the decal from side to side to push out air bubbles and excess water from underneath it. This final step in applying window decals ensures that the decal lies flat, doesn’t trap air bubbles, and doesn’t peel away from the window.