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What are Bow Flag Signs?


bow flag is an advertising tool that helps companies with branding, marketing, or simply obtaining more exposure. Most of these displays allow for custom printing on the emblem to entice onlookers into attending events and buying merchandise.

Flags make great advertising and marketing tools. They have a variety of uses:

  • Outside a business: Using marketing flags outdoors is an exceptionally sound strategy. Colour-coordinated feather flags look great flapping outside a store or another company. If people are shopping down the street or doing errands on the other side of a parking lot, flags outside a neighbouring business are impossible to miss. And feather flags’ cheerful colours and tailored messages can quickly draw clients in.

  • At a fair or festival: Feather flags are ideal for use at a fair or festival. Their bright colours and dynamic motion will fit right in with any festival atmosphere. Tall, vibrant feather flags are the perfect way to ensure your business doesn’t get lost in a crowd of similar-looking stalls.

  • With a booth: If your business has a booth at a convention, you can use feather flags there to make it stand out. Since they are so light, portable and easy to assemble, feather flags are easy to transport to a one-day event.

  • With a promotion: If your business has a sale or special offer, using feather flags to tell the public helps spark people’s curiosity. Flyers are easy to ignore or toss in the garbage, but attractive and cheery feather flags are more likely to catch the eye and pique interest.

  •  If your real estate agent holds a prominent empty place at an open house, feather flags will help make the location stand out. A small sign in the yard is helpful, but feather flags are more visible and can broadcast the event to a broader audience.

  • At a grand opening: If your business is opening or just opening a new location, what better way to advertise to new clients than with bold, fluttering feather/bow flags? Feather flags are large enough to be seen far and wide and convey a clear and appealing message. If you need grand opening flag banners, eye-catching feather flags make a great choice.

  • To complement a traditional marketing campaign: Traditional marketing is beneficial, but it has limitations. It’s easy for consumers to block ads, change the radio station, toss aside flyers and ignore billboard messages. But colourful, appealing marketing flags are another story. They can spark clients’ curiosity and entice them to come in and learn more about your business.

  •  Brand awareness and association are essential for any business to enhance brand awareness and association. If your company has an immediately recognisable logo or appearance, people will quickly recall it and think of you when they need the services you provide. And if members of the public associate your brand with positive qualities, they are much more likely to patronise your business. Feather flags can help with both brand awareness and brand association. Colour, in particular, has been shown to enhance brand awareness by up to 80%. Colourful branded feather flags provide high visibility for your marketing and help associate your business with vibrancy and whimsical appeal.


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