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Benefits of Clear Eyelets

Clear Eyelets for corflute signs


Clear Eyelets Are The Future

There's a reason why Vivid Ads doesn't include Metal Eyelets in its range. They are simply an inferior solution for banners, with minimal benefits compared to Clear Eyelets. How do you ask?

Visual appearance

Clear eyelets are a much more appealing solution than their metal counterpart. The transparency allows for no distractions when placed on the banner. Plus, with metal eyelets, you always risk rusting and leakage running down onto the banner.

Environmental benefits

The price is not only the way of saving money and time - clear eyelets can be recycled when inserted in PE or PP banners without the need to be removed, unlike metal eyelets that need to be separated from the banner.

Resistance and durability

There's nearly no difference in durability between the two materials - if anything, you should expect plastic eyelets to last longer due to their inherent chemical, UV and weather resistance. Plus, from the tests that have been conducted, the first thing to break in case of overwhelming tension is always the banner - never the eyelet.

If we could summarise the reasons why we believe clear plastic eyelets are the ultimate banner solutions, they would be:

  • Nearly invisible
  • Much more economical
  • As durable as metal eyelets
  • It won't rust or corrode
  • Weatherproof
  • Easily recyclable

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