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Tips for Designing Floor Graphics

Designing Tips for Floor Graphics

Make Sure Their Size Suits the Floor Space

While walls accommodate windows, doors, lights etc., the floor serves as a huge unused canvas that can be employed for your marketing needs. Creative floor graphics are a great choice if you have unoccupied floor space. Make sure that you tailor your floor graphics according to the space available to you.

The shape of your space, the location and the vantage point from which the audience will see your graphics are important factors that need to be considered when choosing floor graphics. For instance, the size of floor graphics for a lobby will vary from the ones adorned in a huge hall.

Choose Selective Shapes and Colours

When designing floor graphics, make sure that you pay much-needed attention to the shapes and colours you choose. For instance, tiny squares or rectangles can appear overwhelming rather than stunning. To develop eye-catching graphics, choose colours that are striking yet easy on the eyes.

Extremely bright colours like neon pink or yellow for outdoor graphics are a huge no as rather than appearing aesthetically pleasing, they can throw off your audience. Moreover, ensure that the colours and shapes complement each other; if they don’t, the floor graphic design will appear out-of-place.

Limit Written Content

Floor graphics are meant to catch the audience’s attention as they walk past it. You cannot add too much text and expect the audience to read all of it. The key to designing floor graphics for maximum impact is to minimize the usage of text. Instead, you can use more aesthetic options such as your brand logo.

Also, when designing floor graphics, bear in mind that stylized fonts are harder to read. Since the basic purpose of text is to communicate, hard-to-read font styles are a huge no when it comes to floor graphics. Moreover, if you plan on incorporating text, ensure that the font size is readable.

Spread Out the Graphics

Spreading out the floor graphics help maximize their impact while making efficient use of the available floor space. Smaller and more contained graphics fail to do so. If you have a large floor space, then consider using bigger graphics as they are more effective at grabbing the audience’s attention.


Your floor graphics design has a huge impact on your audience. If you’re looking for some great custom or removable floor graphics for your business, reach out to us now!

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