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How to Store, Care for, and Handle Posters in Canberra

Posters in Canberra are usually printed in bulk. However, for any business to get the most out of their posters, they need to handle these marketing tools with care. Poorly looked after posters can mean that by the time the business is ready to use them, the posters will have started to spoil.

This can greatly harm the overall usability of the poster and also cause a lot of wastage, in terms of the resources that a business is investing in them. That’s why; you should pay attention to the following to properly store, care and handle any posters in Canberra:

Storage Tips for Posters in Canberra

The following are some of the most important storage tips for posters:

  • When storing posters, it is a good idea to store the posters as straight as possible. Rolling the posters will make them difficult to unroll and place them properly. It is important that you remember to never fold posters in half. This causes a line to form and if it isn’t fixed, it will become a crease.
  • It is a good idea to keep your posters in acid-free paper envelopes and to keep them full-length. This keeps them in good shape until it is time to use them.
  • Make sure that you keep posters in separate envelopes so that the ink doesn’t transfer to the other posters.

Best Care Techniques

The care of posters is also just as important as storage. Depending upon the paper you used, printing quality and design, you can have little to no problem in this area.

The following are some best care techniques you can try for posters in Canberra:

  • Always keep your posters in a temperature-controlled room. Depending upon the materials used, high temperatures can cause the ink to weep and leak on to other posters.
  • Additionally, don’t toss the posters around. The corners can catch on other posters and cause rips.
  • If you have to handle them all, place them inside an envelope and carry them with you. When handing them out or placing them, clean the area to properly place the poster there.

Healthy Handling Practices for Posters in Canberra

When you are handling your posters, you need to exercise some care. Poor handling can cause rips or unseemly creases on the poster. The following are some healthy ways to handle posters:

  • Make sure to always handle the poster with care and hold it from the middle part.
  • Avoid holding the posters from the ends. This can make the poster appear dog-eared and in some cases, cause edge tears. This means that you will have to handle them carefully.
  • It is a good idea to wear some latex gloves. This prevents any fingerprint stains from smudging the text, ink or leaving any stains on the poster.

These are some of the most important care, storage and handling tips you need to follow for posters in Canberra. With these, you can ensure that your posters are always in good shape and ready for use.

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