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How to Pick the Right Poster Size

If you want to make an announcement, posters are a great way to get the word out. It is the ultimate marketing gimmick but it requires a lot of hard work.  The first step that requires your attention is choosing the size of the poster.

It’s important to remember here that there is no true standard poster size. The size is determined before the poster printing process and even though there are international norms that most people adhere to, they also have the freedom to design their own poster sizes.

If you are planning to use posters to introduce your new product, here is how you can pick the right poster size.

· Common Sizes

When deciding how to pick the right poster size, it’s important that you have an idea about the existing sizes that most poster printing companies keep in stock. Small posters usually measure 11x17 inches. The standard poster size can’t be smaller than this or no one would be able to view it. Medium posters measure 18x24 inches and offer optimum coverage. But if you are looking for something that’ll stand out in a crowd, you need to go for a large poster that usually measures 24x36 inches. An extra-large poster measure 27x39 inches. This is a mammoth poster that is mostly used as a movie poster and is great for advertising music albums and concerts.

· Paper Choice

Your paper choice also has a significant impact on your poster size. People who go for cheap materials in order to save costs often find themselves on the bad side of the bargain. Going for cheaper materials means that you’d have to compromise on the size of the poster.

When you go for a cheaper material, there’s always a chance that a larger poster will not be able to withstand the elements of nature. Strong winds will not be kind to larger posters and might even blow them away. The smaller posters also don’t stand a chance against wind and rain. So, before you decide on a poster size, make sure you have chosen the right materials to go with it.

Final Words

These simple tips will help you make the right choice when determining the size of this ultimate advertising medium. Also, remember to take into account the location of the poster before you choose the right size. If it’s for an inside area, you can opt for a smaller poster, but larger ones are more effective for outdoor areas.

Get in touch with our team of professionals at Vividads and get your customized printed posters! We can also help you choose the right poster size for your business needs. Email us at to get a quote today or call us at 1300 72 16 14 for more information!



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