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X Best Exhibition Stand Ideas to Wow the Attendees

Exhibiting at a tradeshow or other corporate events is a big investment both in terms of money and time. Therefore, if you’ve decided to do it, you need to do it right!

Exhibition displays, stands, and kiosks are vital marketing and promotional tools that give you the chance to have face to face meetings with prospective customers. Therefore, a well thought out exhibition stand design is a sure shot way to make such conversations happen.

So, whether you’re a total newbie in the exhibiting game or a participating at an event as a veteran exhibitor, here are some exhibition stand design ideas to help you stand out amongst your competitors on the show day.

1. Stand Tall

Leveraging the height of your exhibition booth to your benefit holds great potential for making an impact at the show. For this, you need first check with the event organisers to confirm how high you can go with your stand design. If you use large signs with backlit displays, you can surely pique the interest of the visitors from all corners of the hall. Don’t forget that some of the best exhibition displays that dominate tradeshows are the ones that make good use of height.

2. Equip Your Stand with AR/VR Technology

Integrating Virtual/Augmented Reality technology to your exhibition stand design is an excellent way to add uniqueness and authority to your booth. AR and VR technology allows you to showcase your products in action.  You can present product or service demos in creative ways. This will generate high interest among the visitors to have a look at your booth and engage with you. Incorporating such creative ideas would help in creating long-lasting impression of your brand among your target audience and also increase your booth traffic.

3. Introduce Gamification

Adding a gaming element to your exhibition booth can attract maximum visitors to your booth. It helps create an increased level of engagement among visitor and entice them to stay longer, allowing you more time to involve them with your brand. The idea is to use gaming mechanics to supplement your brand marketing strategy at your exhibition stand.

Create games based on your target audience’s preferences, the data you wish to obtain from them, and your branding strategy. Personalized games that display your company’s products and services can add to your visitors’ overall experience at the booth and also help increase brand recall.

4. Set Up a Photo Booth

Everybody loves getting nice photos taken especially when they’re attending a big event. Thus, it’s always a good idea to enhance your exhibition space with an interesting photo booth.

While visitors enjoy your photo booth, ask them to hashtag your brand name and post the pictures on their social media. This way, your brand reaches out to the maximum number of people while visitors create memorable experiences connecting with your brand.

These were some great exhibition stand ideas to get you started and build appealing exhibition displays for your next big tradeshow!



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