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Why to Use Standees for Event Promotion?

Reasons to Use Standees for Event Promotion

If you are searching for ways to not only promote your event but also to make a mark – standee advertising is the way to go! Exhibition standees are a very effective marketing technique that also helps you mark your territory in a creative and fun way. By designing eye-catching and tasteful roll-up standee banners, you can create an ever-lasting impression on your audience.

Here are a few reasons why you should use standees for event promotion.

Eye-Catching Marketing Medium

Standees are a highly effective and attention-grabbing marketing medium. If designed in an aesthetically-pleasing and tasteful manner, no one will be able to walk past a standee banner without noticing it.


Standee banners serve as a 3 by 6 feet canvas to display your creativity, make sure you utilize it appropriately. You can use this space to promote your event in an interactive and imaginative way and make your company standout. By highlighting your logo and company name in bold, exhibition standees can be used to make a statement. This will help leave an ever-lasting impression your audience.


Roll-up standee banners are relatively small in size mostly 3x6 feet. This makes them extremely easy to pack in a compact manner. You can roll up the stand and place it into an appropriately-sized designated bag with a zipper, making it easy to transport and carry around. As for storage concern, the compactness of an exhibition standee allows it to be stored anywhere including a medium-sized cabinet or even under a table.


Since standees can be placed into super-compact packaging this makes it easy to carry and transport them around. Moreover, its packaging also ensures that the standee banners suffer from minimal damage. Whether you are participating in a single or multiple events, exhibition standees will serve as an uber-convenient medium of marketing.


Another reason why standee advertising is great is due to its high reusability. The roll-up banners of a standee are detachable, giving you the opportunity to use a banner of your choice at a given time. Moreover, you can create and re-print a new banner and also attach it to the standee, making it reusable.


While most marketing techniques and mediums tend to be expensive, standees are extremely budget-effective. Compared to its productivity and the multiple purposes it serves, the cost of roll-up standees seems like nothing. Moreover, the reusability of exhibition standees is unmatched which means that you the cost-benefit ratio of standees is very high.

Easy Printing Process

Very often the printing process of banners is pretty draining. However, when it comes to standees, you can expect a convenient and easy printing process. Considering the size of a roll-up standee banner, you don’t require a large format printer to do the job. So, even if you need to get a banner printed a few hours before an event, standees are a great option!

All in all, standee advertising is an amazing option for event promotion. If you are looking for someone to design some uber-cool and eye-catching banners for your next event, visit our website now!