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Standee Design Tips

Whether you’re organizing a trade fair, a corporate event or have a brand store, standees serve as a fire-and-forget advertising technique. Often placed in lobbies of malls, a well-designed standee is enough to tempt people to enter a store or restaurant and make a purchase.

To generate the desired impact though, you need to nail the design of the standee. Not only do you need to be careful about what information to include on the standee, but you also need to be vigilant about the standee cutout. Follow these tips if you’re looking to design a standee for your brand:

Use Graphic Content

Product or event details are extremely important but how do you attract the passersby to stop and take the time to read the information? The answer is through images or pictures. Text on standees should be accompanied by striking images or pictures that will immediately grab the attention of anyone passing by.

However, do not overstuff the standee with too many images. Maintain the right balance between pictures and other content while ensuring ideal spacing. When incorporating images, be sure to use high-quality ones with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Use the Right Colors

When it comes to standee design, colors play a critical role. Your choice of colors can make or break the impression they intend to make, which is why you should consider including bright colors such as orange and red. These colors help them stand out among the rest of the standees in an exhibition, for instance. On the other hand, avoid using white and yellow together because the combination makes the standee less noticeable and difficult to study the information from a distance.

However, the colors you choose must align with colors associated with your brand or company logo. Also, be selective in your choice of colors and include limited colors in standees.

Clarify Who You Are

In an attempt to design a gorgeous-looking standee, you can’t leave the viewers struggling to find the brand or organizer name. No matter what, people should immediately be able to find out who you are. To ensure this, it’s recommended that you place your company logo, tagline or any other recognizable item at the top space of the standee as that’s usually the first thing viewers look at.

Use the Right-Sized Standee

There is a myriad of options when it comes to choosing the right-sized standee. The size you prefer depends on your advertising needs. For instance, if you wish to use a standee as a full-fledged advertising or selling solution, then a large-sized standee that is 6.8 feet tall, or even the extra-large option that goes over 10 feet high would be more effective. Nonetheless, you can use smaller ones as well.

Some brands only use standees in a trade show to market their product or brand. For such applications, small-sized standees cutouts should be more feasible.

Closing Thoughts

The above-explained tips should be sufficient to help you get started. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start making your impact with standees! For customized standees, get in touch with us at Vivid today.