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Floor Graphics and Their Uses

Floor graphics have now become a necessity for commercial establishments. They have the power to capture attention and evoke interest from anyone walking by. Floor graphics can serve several other purposes, besides just advertising goods and services. They are a subtle means to convey your company message and core values.

Here are some floor graphic uses that you should know about.


Floor graphics and decals are now a common feature of all shopping malls since they are a great way of informing customers about your sales, promotions and special offers. Whether it is advertising the launch of a new product range or simply showing the way to your commercial establishment, floor graphics can do it all for you.


Floor graphics find much use as signs for showing direction. You can even use floor signs to mark directions for emergency purposes. Floor graphics are a key feature in warehouses and storage facilities for showing workers the way. These useful signs are to be found in all kinds of facilities like schools, universities, retail outlets, shopping malls and several other places.

Special Promotions

Besides being used in commercial settings like malls, retail outlets and shops, floor graphics can be used in other places. For instance, they are used in educational institutions and even religious institutions. They can provide information like the discount that you are offering, the days on which the promotion will be held and also various events that might take place.

Logistics and Manufacturing

Manufacturing and logistics facilities are very busy areas and often have a complicated layout. It is therefore best to have floor graphics in the right places so that workers can locate their destinations easily. Hence, floor graphics have a role in productivity and even safety. With the help of floor graphics, management can inform workers about safety considerations to reduce the likelihood of mishaps and accidents.

Floor graphics can help to show a path reserved for heavy equipment like forklifts. Workers can stay away from these paths and avoid accidents and collisions with heavy transport machinery. Floor graphics can also inform passersby of hazardous areas that have toxic chemicals stored.

Floor graphics have become an integral feature of logistics and manufacturing facilities since they can help to promote both productivity and safety.

Parking Signs

You can place floor signs and graphics in parking spaces to guide incoming and outgoing vehicles. Thus, floor graphics are an efficient way to ensure smooth traffic flow. They can minimize the possibilities of a collision and can  help protect people in such settings.

Another major advantage of these floor graphics is that they are much cheaper than boards that have to be erected. Not only are floor graphics comparatively economical, they are also much easier to maintain. They can better endure wear and tear, rough weather conditions and the elements than billboards and signboards.

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