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Designing a Car Magnet

How to Design a Car Magnet

Car magnets can serve as useful advertising tools.

Image Description: Side view of a black Toyota Prius with a rectangular advertisement on the rear door.


It can be challenging to find effective ways to advertise your business in the modern era. Most people tend to picture massive billboards or banners whenever they think of outdoor advertising. These can often be expensive due to their size, and the exorbitantly high costs of renting an outdoor space for advertising.


One solution that is quickly catching on with small businesses is using car magnets for advertising. You’ve probably seen signs along the sides of cars on roads and highways advertising a business or service. They come in all shapes and sizes, and could be just the right tool for any small business seeking a cost-effective method of promotion.


In order for car magnet marketing to be effective, certain criteria should be followed when you’re designing your sign. So here is a helpful guide for designing car magnets that are both functional and eye-catchy.

Pick the Right Size


The size of your car magnet should depend on the size and style of vehicle it’s going to be featured on.


Signs that are 10” x 20” in size work well for most cars. You may want to try a larger sign that’s 12” x 24” for larger jeeps and pick-up trucks. Transport vans and trailers can comfortably accommodate large signs that are 18” x 24”.


You should generally go for the largest possible sign that can maximize visibility of your advertisement without altering the functionality of the vehicle. The sign should not be in contact with any moving parts of the vehicle such as windows or door hinges.

Easy to Read Design


Large simple designs are essential for effective car magnet marketing. Most people will typically catch a short glimpse of your sign while the vehicle is passing by, so it’s best to go with a design that gets your message across with the least amount of text.


The company name and contact number should definitely be included on your sign. Additional messaging or slogans should be added only if the sign does not look too dense with information.

Use Contrasting Colours

A great way to grab the attention of potential consumers is to use contrasting colours on your signs. This makes them more visually appealing and inviting to look at. The longer you can hold the attention of viewers, the more likely it is that they’ll remember your sign’s messaging.

Rounded Corners

Signs with sharp corners can get stripped off by wind when the vehicle is driving at speed. You should design your signs with rounded corners that are less likely to obstruct the flow of air along the edges of the vehicle. This tip is important to ensure your sign stays in place without being blown off and creating issues for the vehicle driver.

Designing effective car magnets for advertising can be easy if you follow the aforementioned steps. However, do keep in mind that competitors are likely to follow similar design criteria, so you should also focus on creating unique eye-catchy designs to one-up the competition.