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Benefits of Promotional Counters

Get the Most from Promotional Counters

If you are in the retail business or have ever exhibited in a trade show, you are probably already aware of how difficult it can be to bring in foot traffic. It is, in fact, quite difficult to make your prospects walk into your store or booth rather than your competitor’s. It is even more challenging to provide an attractive and eye-catching display once your prospect has entered your store. This is where promotional counters play a key role in converting your traffic into customers.

It is generally perceived that pop up displays are a way to increase sales and while this is true, it is also a very effective marketing technique to provide your customer with a great purchase experience.

Here is a quick guide on how promotional counters can get you the most out of your marketing efforts for your business:

Make your Brand Stand Out

Promotional counters are a great way to build a strong brand image for your company. They can be used effectively in a store as well as in a trade booth to attract the attention of the passers-by. Think of it as a lemonade stand. While you might as well sell your lemonade from a simple stall but an attractive lemonade stand helps to attract more buyers. It is also equally important that what you display on the promotional counter should grab the interest of people. You can use creative ways and vibrant displays at your promotional counter to make your brand stand out among others.


With new innovations in designs of promotional counters, you can now have portability with these counters. You can move pop up displays to different venues and can use them in a number of diverse ways. Portable promotional counters allow you to carry your brand anywhere you want and target wider markets with promotional activities. You can also determine the best display location for the counter in your store by placing it at different places and determining where it attracts the most traffic.

Customize your Promotional Counter

Promotional counters also come in different designs now. It has moved from a standard lemonade stand design to a range of designs. Manufacturers now use different materials like wood, glass, etc in the design of promotional counters. Apart from designing your counter, you can also customize it with different colors, layouts, and prints that go with your brand identity.

Decrease the Marketing Costs with Pop up Displays

 You can keep manage your marketing budget by using pop up displays that are both attractive and cost-effective. They are a great marketing tool that rewards your business with a lot of benefits at a fairly low cost. Promotional counters can be used creatively at a store as well as at a booth to display your best products for as long as you want without much set-up cost.


Promotional counters are a very effective way to get the best ROI on your marketing display. They help your business to gain an edge over your competitors and drive more foot traffic down the sales funnel.

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