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Understanding Bollard Sign Marketing

Everything You Need to Know About Bollard Sign Marketing

bollard sign in shopping mall

Bollard sign marketing is becoming extremely popular and is a growing marketing trend. It is speculated that by 2025, the number of bollard signs will have more than doubled. So, what is this form of marketing, and why is it so popular? We’re going to take a closer look and answer two primary questions you might have here:

What is a Bollard Sign?

Bollard signs are specially designed sleeves placed on top of a bollard. Most brick-and-mortar stores have bollards in the front. In essence, a bollard is a small post used to block off or guide traffic flow.

Usually, they’re nothing more than a post, but more businesses use them for marketing purposes. Bollard sign marketing allows them to make the most available space and get their target audience interested in their products.

Additionally, bollard signs also refer to very narrow and small A-frame boards. These imitate bollards to a certain extent and take up less space than traditional A-frame signs.

Why Should You Pick It?

Since it is relatively low cost, investing in Bollard sign marketing can be an inexpensive way of getting your message across. But why should you pick this option? It would help if you liked it because it offers you several benefits that enhance the overall value of this model.

1. Prime Location and Visibility

If you’re situated on a busy street, your signage needs to be prominently displayed to attract the right audience. Bollards are located in prime spots in busy streets. While their sole purpose is to direct or block traffic, adding a sleeve on top instantly enhances the bollard's visibility and your business!

2. Directs Traffic to You

Now that you can reach out to audiences on a prime location with your sign, you can direct them towards your shop. It’ll give you a leg up on the competition and allow you to get more foot traffic efficiently. Businesses mentioned on bollard marketing signs that people see are more likely to visit that person, especially if they are looking for similar products.

3. Enhances the Customer Experience

Most people believe that the customer experience starts as soon as the customer is at your doorstep. However, you can begin one step earlier with your bollard signs. In this case, the customer will immediately get a sense of your business when they’re on the street. It will naturally draw them towards your shop. It also sets up an expectation for immediate service, so be ready to deliver on what your bollard signage is promising.

4. Perfect for Promotions

Bollard marketing signs are especially suited for promoting your products and services. If you are running special promotions, giving discounts or more, bollard signs are perfect for this. Bollard signs are also double-sided, so you can have a more extensive outreach when you’re looking to promote your products. You can learn more about bollard sign marketing and easily enhance your business by paying attention to these.