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Advantages of Using Portable Promotional Counters

4 Reasons to Use Portable Promotional Counters

Effective marketing is the key to creating brand awareness and attracting prospects. Marketers have several options to display products at trade shows. The most impactful option to go for is usually portable displays. Promotional counters and pop up displays create a powerful brand impact on the audience in a trade show hall. They are cost-effective, portable easy to assemble, and versatile.

In the past, most marketers used exhibition counter tables in order to increase sales. Fortunately, these counter tables can be excellent marketing tools in a variety of ways. They help businesses transform an ordinary and dull trade show display into a remarkable exhibition booth. There is also great variety in the styles in which promotional counters are available. You can customize them according to your needs and then use them again at a different event.

Are you still wondering what makes portable promotional counters so effective? Here are 4 reasons to use portable exhibition counter tables for your business:

1. Give Your Brand an Edge at the Trade Show

Promotional counters are an impressive way to create a strong brand image. You can use them as product display units as well as presentation stands. The best thing about portable counters is that you can use them in the same way as a shop front. They help you attract the attention of passers-by at a trade show or in a store. Additionally, what you display on the counter will help you engage the visitors into a conversation. You can use a customized design and vibrant colors to make your brand stand out among others.

2. They are Customizable

Portable promotional counter designs have now moved away from the standard design. Businesses now have the flexibility to customize them according to their brands’ needs. They come in a wide range of designs made from wood, glass, etc.

Like pop up displays, you can also customize counter tables. You can choose different colors, prints, layouts according to your brand’s color theme.

3. They Offer Immense Portability

Portable promotional counters allow businesses to transport them anywhere. They are easy-to assemble for display and dismantle for transport. Assembling an intricate structure before the start of a trade show is not a hassle anymore. They allow you to carry your brand anywhere you want and use them for promotions. If you find that a location is not good enough, the portability of these counters allows you to change the place easily.

4. Cost-Effective

Portable promotional counters are cost-effective as they are made of lightweight material. They will fall within your budget and reward your business with an impressive design at a low cost. You can use them again at different locations without much setup cost.


Portable display booths are an advertising tool to exhibit brand value and identity. They increase your sales leads by attracting more visitors to your booth in a trade show. The key to an impressive display is to customize a unique and eye-catching design.

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