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Exhibition Counter Design Ideas

Coming up with exhibition booth ideas that attract visitors and potential customers to your stall can be a challenging task. When you have to compete with hundreds of other stands that are all working towards getting the most attention from visitors, it’s important to make your exhibition display stand out.

If you can come up with an exhibition counter design that both entertains and educates your visitors about what your brand is about, your display is sure to be a success. Here are some of the best trade show booth ideas that you can use to get you started.

Make Your Display Stand Out                                                        

Everyone’s seen the same old exhibition stall where you listen to a representative speak about the brand and then hand you a bag of free merchandise. If every stall is doing to same to attract visitors, chances are that your counter may not even get noticed.

In order to get visitors to approach your promotional counters, you have to draw them in by having a unique counter. If you give them an experience that other stalls are not, they’re more likely to remember your brand.

Use floor graphics in the area that you’ve been given for your stall. It can have your brand’s logo and catchphrase, or be a combination of colours that adds an aesthetic appeal to your stall. Remember, if you use the right colour theme, people can make an association with those colours and your brand.

Give Your Visitors an Engaging Experience

Visitors do not remember the names of the stalls that simply hand them a bag of merchandise. They’re more likely to remember a brand that had a fun stall that gave them a hands-on experience. You can do this by having custom wallpaper or a selfie frame that they can use to take pictures with your stall.

When visitors can feel engaged in the activities your exhibition counter has to offer, they’re also going to be more interested in your products or services. You can further help them feel informed and educated about your brand by having a brochure stand.

Visitors who forgot to ask you a question or want more information about what you offer can refer to a brochure that has all the necessary details you may have left out when speaking to them. Most people can’t retain all the information you gave them verbally, so by handing out brochures, you’ll know that if anyone is interested in your company, they have a resource to browse through.

Go For an Innovative Display Design

There are many newer exhibition designs that give visitors a more interactive experience with your stall. They feature stands that have your products encased in glass or nooks and crannies that have your smaller products stored away.

The more interactive you can make your display, the more time visitors will spend at your stall. If you opt for a reusable display that can be folded down and stored, you can consider making a larger investment in a high-quality one.

Final Words

There are numerous designs when it comes to exhibition booth ideas. As long as you choose one that gives your visitors an engaging and informative experience, your stall is sure to be a success.

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