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3 Terrific Tips to Get the Most Out of Teardrop Flags


Teardrop flags may be the trendiest way to promote your business.

They are expensive but are they worth the price?

Of course, they are! The benefits of teardrop flags are multifaceted. They promote your business and add to the aesthetic appearance of your premises.

However, the key is to use them properly or not use them at all. That’s because using banners and flags for advertising misfires when you are careless with the execution.

Here are a few tips that ensure you get the most out of your teardrop flags:

1. Find a Purpose

First and foremost, don’t buy teardrop flags on a whim.  We understand they look pretty next to the exhibition stand and make quite an impression outside the office.

However, you need to figure out how you’ll use them before purchasing.

The good thing is that there are countless ways to use teardrop flags. You’ve just got to find one that is apt for your company.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use the banner to advertise your company name and contact information simply
  • Utilize them in seasonal promotional schemes by broadcasting a big sale
  • Insert greeting or goodbye messages on them like ‘welcome customer’ or ‘thank you for shopping here.’
  • Use them between aisles to display ‘new arrivals’ or ‘on sale items

2. Perfect Spot

What’s the best place to place your teardrop flags?

You’ve most likely answered outdoors. We do believe that these fancy flags look great when scattered around your parking lot. Yet, they don’t look amiss inside the store/exhibition hall either. That’s because their primary purpose is to attract attention wherever they are.

The best strategy is to position them in areas where you get the most traffic.
Other points to consider are as follows:

  • Make sure that the selected spots are visible to passer-bys
  • Leave space between each teardrop flag to maximise visual impact
  • Strategically place them near the entrance and exit of your store/exhibition stall

Bonus tip: 

Always select the correct dimension for your flag. You don’t want to end up with something too big or too small for your promotional campaign.

  using teardrop flags

3.  Handle with Care

Want to know a trade secret?

Teardrop flags are highly durable and super sturdy. You might find it odd because they look flimsy and fragile on the surface. But the best banner and flag companies make sure to build a flag that has a long lifespan.  They do this by using high-quality materials, steady bases and hardwearing construction pieces.

Nevertheless, the flags might get ruined if you don’t handle them with care.

So our advice is to:

  • Install the flags properly to ensure that they don’t fall or get torn
  • Store them away during bad weather, i.e. rainy days, windy weather and snowstorms.
  • Don’t stuff them into small spaces
  • Keep them away from  jagged or pointy objects

Let’s Sum It Up...

On the whole, teardrop flags are an excellent investment for seasonal and long-term advertising. Suppose you know how to utilise them properly for your marketing venture. So always remember to be strategic, careful and purposeful when you buy a teardrop flag.

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