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Vinyl Banner Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Vinyl banners are super easy to install because they don’t require any complicated accessories or heavy duty tools. They can be hung on walls, around fences and poles and even from the ceiling.

It’s no surprise that outdoor vinyl banners are more durable than fabric banners but it all comes down to the way you install and maintain them. To extend the lifespan of your banner, you need to avoid making the following mistakes during installation.

Hanging Banners Loosely

During windy days, a vinyl banner that’s not tightly secured will flap around and get damaged. Make sure it’s not hung loosely and tug at it after installing it to check if it’s properly secured.

Not Using Grommets

Grommets are basically tiny metal rings that are added to the corners of the banner to make it easier to hang. Just punching a hole is not going to work because it can tear the material and ruin the whole look. Holes with grommets will make sure that the banner is installed safely in place.

Installing on the Wrong Surface

Sometimes the only reason a vinyl banner falls or gets ripped is because it was installed on the wrong surface. When you’re picking out a location, do your research to see if it’s prone to unfavourable conditions like moisture or direct heat that can damage your banner.

Make sure it’s not placed near sharp protrusions that can easily cause tears and breakage when the wind is too strong.

The best place to hang a banner is on a flat wall. Use adhesive strips if you only want to display it temporarily. But if you want it to last a long time, you may have to drill a few holes in the wall to keep it tightly in place.

Attaching to Unstable Objects

Don’t attach the fasteners that are used to hold the banners securely in place to objects that can easily sway back and forth in rough weather. Stay on the safe side and avoid attaching them to objects that can get moved around or become unstable due to minor changes in the environment.

Over Tightening a Banner

Over tightening the banner won’t be a good idea either. Don’t hang the banner too tightly, always punch holes keeping the dimensions in mind, because the vinyl will get stretched and eventually get ripped.

Creasing the Banner

Don’t fold the banner before hanging it as that can cause wrinkles and creases on the surface and make it look unappealing. Creases can also mess up the printed text and make it difficult to read from afar.

Bottom Line

Vinyl banners are great for indoor and outdoor signage because they’re versatile and durable. When you hang them properly, you will not only increase their visual appeal but you’ll also protect them from tearing or getting damaged and they’ll last a very long time, regardless of the weather or location.


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