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Tips for Marketing with Pull up Banners

Dos and Don’ts of Promoting with Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners are widely used for advertisements. Businesses use text and images on pull up banners to make them visually appealing for their customers and prospects. You can advertise with only text on the pull up banners but using images can make the banner even more interesting and eye-catching. They are a very cost-effective way to attract more people into your store. Pull up banners as well as portable displays help to create brand awareness by displaying a marketing message in an attractive way. They are a very durable, portable, and versatile option for promotions. You can use them as signage outside your store, at promotional events and in tradeshows, etc.

The whole idea of using these displays is to encourage more people to walk into your store. There are a few considerations about the design and display of a pull up banner which can make your marketing efforts more fruitful.

Here are some essential dos and don’ts of promoting with pull up banners:

Dos of Promoting with a Pull up Banner


Use Readable Text


The most important thing about your pull up banner is the text because it conveys the marketing message to the people. The text on the banner should be readable and the font should not be too small or difficult to read. The main tag line and body should be of a different font size and you must not add too much text as it can confuse the reader.

Pick Appropriate Image Size

Picking the appropriate image size is also important. It is best to pick an image of 150+ dpi. Choosing a smaller image will make the image distorted and blurry on the banner. On the other hand, you must also ensure that image on the pull up banner is not too large as it will overshadow the text on the banner.

Display a Clear Message

It is also important for a portable display banner to have a simple and easy-to-interpret message. Exclude unnecessary information from your marketing message and use the limited space on the banner wisely. A lot of words on the banner might make the people lose interest in it and chances are that the passers-by would not even stop to read the complete message

Don’ts of Promoting with a Pull up Banner


Use Cheaper Material for Your Banner


While using a cheaper material for your pull up banner might sound like a tempting idea, you should use high-quality material that lasts a long time. Whether you have to display the pull up banner indoors or outdoors, use a high-quality banner so that it remains unaffected by bad weather, accidents, etc.

Miss Out Your Contact Details

If you have to display your pull up banner at a conference or a trade show, it is best to add your contact details at the bottom. It can help the people who want to contact you but are unaware of your location to reach out to you easily.


The main objective of using portable displays is to deliver your marketing message in a cost-effective way. You must design the pull up banner carefully using a combination of creativity and precision to persuade your prospects to make a purchase decision.

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