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The Different Kinds of Banners You Can Pick From

Although we live in the digital age of marketing, traditional banners still tend to catch everyone’s eye! Plus, they are not that costly and require little upholding, which makes them the perfect choice for small businesses and startups.

So, we have compiled a list of the most common kinds of banners used successfully for advertising.

1. Pop-Up Banners

These textile banners do precisely what the name proposes; they pop up! They are often used to cover the back of a trade show or display stall. These are ideal to use for when you want your graphics to be exhibited on a large scale.

Due to their well-built support and dimensional quality, pop-up banners can be stretched out far more than other banner types. However, their installation will require a bit of your time – at least a few minutes.

2. Retractable and Pull-Up

These banners are ideal for indoor retail signage or trade show exhibitions. They are commonly around 6 feet tall and their width can be customized – although the width limit is 5 feet. So, they are ideal for small scale exhibitions.

Retractable banners are rather convenient as you can use both sides to print your content. These are easy to collapse and carry and are a low-priced substitute for pop-up banners. They can be set up easily thanks to their retractable mechanism.

3. Step and Repeat

If you want to go for custom branding, the best thing you can opt for is step and repeat banners. You can use these types of banners to cover bland wallpapers and dull backgrounds. You can also use them to market your company’s logo and name. The repeated and subtle reappearance of your name and emblem on these banners will make for an excellent marketing strategy.

4. Mesh

Mesh banners come with a benefit; you can place them both indoors and outdoors. The knit of a mesh banner is pretty porous; it allows air to go through without disturbing its placement. The major advantage of such banners is that they can survive harsh winds when you place them outside.

5. Hanging and Suspended 

You place these using cables and rods. Hanging banners offer a varied range of shapes and sizes that you can choose from. Since they are suspended quite high up, they offer maximum visibility and reach a large crowd. Although installing these banners requires a bit of effort, the payoff you get is worth it.

6. Vinyl

Vinyl banners are exceedingly long-lasting! Plus, you can use them both outdoors and indoors. However, vinyl banners can be pretty weighty, particularly in comparison to fabric banners. You also have to be careful not to step on them and store them properly since they are prone to creasing.

7. Fabric

Fabric banners are banners typically made of satin or polyester. You can wash them. They are ideal for displaying gorgeous multicolored graphics. Fabric banners are high-quality banners that can be set up almost instantaneously. However, make sure to place them indoors since they tend to lose their color if placed outdoors.

Now you know the different types of banners available on the market!


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