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Selecting Pull up Banners from Varied Choices

Pull-up banners in recent years have become the go-to method for all advertising needs of every type of business. To back this up, the benefit it provides speaks volume of its abilities. Roll-up banners are cheap, yet, their effectiveness is better than any other banner advertisement.

Still, before we tell you why selecting them from all the choices available is the better option, let’s take a closer look at the different types of banners in the market. When we reach Pull-up banners, you'll understand the complete picture of why they are what they are.

What Are The Choice Of Banners Available?

Although there are many different types of banners you can choose - from the difference in material to different styles - banners have a vast range. Yet, out of them all, we believe the following are the most common choices of banners people choose from.

1.     Hanging Banner

Hanging banners are banners suspended in the air. They are usually manufactured using a mix of cloth fabric and polyester. Plus, they are ideal for advertising a retail business. Their most common use is seen in shopping malls, where they highlight brand products or mega sales through text or graphics.

They are enormous; hence their name hanging banner means that they can be hung from a ceiling, or suspended on a wall. They are costly to produce, and their recall value is poor due to the crowded places where they are installed.

If managed properly, they can last you a long time, but their size makes them impossible to clean; hence usually, advertisers don't pick them to advertise for longer durations than a specific season.

2.     Fabric Banner

Fabric banners are your most generic form of banners which everyone knows about. They are produced with cloth fabric, and their best quality is they can be modified to any size. From a street banner to a restaurant name display, they can be used for many purposes. Sports fans also use these banners to write their allegiance/messages across to the teams they support.

They are cheap to produce; however, they are not long-lasting due to the fabric's delicate nature. They can easily be damaged due to varying weather conditions such as rain, dust storms, etc. Due to this, their production and utilization cycle is limited.

3.     PVC Banner

PVC banners, more commonly known as Vinyl banners, are manufactured using polyvinyl chloride. A chemical that produces long-lasting plastic - they are a one-time investment banner. They are some of the cheapest banners you can purchase; however, due to their plastic material, they are not pleasing to the eye.

Supermarkets use them to advertise their produce and protein section as they are considered cheap banners for banner marketing. Using them does not reflect a "premium" feel for your brand, so top brands do not utilize them for advertising.

4.     LED Banner

One of the most attractive, eye-pleasing, and expensive kinds of banners are LED banners. They are manufactured using electronic lights, and these banners are expensive to produce compared to other kinds of banners. They are also heavy and difficult to transport, making them non-portable. They also need a constant electricity supply to make full use of them, which can be restrictive.

However, if you pass its hurdles, the display of vibrant colors it presents catches your attention better than any other form of banner advertising. Their recall value is tremendous, yet due to its price point and other limitations, they are not considered the wisest choice of banner advertisement.

5.     Retractable/Pull Up Banner

We believe without even a shadow of a doubt that pull-up banners are the best kind of banners ever made. They hit the sweet spot in every category as they have the pros of every other form of banner and none of their cons. For example, they can be manufactured using any material - fabric, PVC, or anything.

They are cheap, portable, and long-lasting. Plus, their recall value due to their unique shape and presentations are through the roof. They need a pull-up banner stand to accompany them, and you can use them anywhere. The liberty they provide you is unrivaled in the business, and this is why we believe they are the best banner to select from all the choices available.

Reasons To Select Pull-Up Banner From Varied Choices?

However, if somehow you are still not convinced that they are the banners to invest in, we'll say fret not because here are the top reasons that make pull-up banners the best choice out of all the options available.

1.     Affordability

Pricing of a banner does matter as it informs you how many you can order, and roll-up banners are some of the most affordable banners in the market. Despite being affordable, they are not underwhelming, which other cheap banners can be.

They are some of the most eye-pleasing banners. Hence, investing in a retractable roll-up banner should be your priority because even with a pull-up banner stand, they don't run you up a bill, which many other forms of banner can do.

2.     Easy To Install & Remove

Installation and removal are two processes due to which the value of a pull-up banner is greater than the rest. .

They are easily applied within a few minutes, and their removal takes a similar amount of time. This makes them ideal for you to advertise on the go, spontaneously, or wherever you want. Trust us; this is not the case with other banners.

For example, a hanging banner takes at least a day to install, and its removal takes equal time. If you are a business that wants to advertise a special message to your target audience for a limited period of time then we suggest you go with pull-up banners.

3.     Portable & Ease of Use

The size of these banners being neither too big nor too small is a major plus point. The size of these banners makes them portable. A pull-up banner kit includes a pull up banner and a pull-up banner stand which can be packed in a compact bag and transported anywhere you like. This allows you advertising flexibility which is envied by other banner choices.

4.     One-Time Investment

Another reason you should select a pull-up banner as your primary form of banner advertisement is because it is affordable, portable, easy to set up and remove. They are also long-lasting!

They are manufactured with a material that lasts long, and a pull-up banner stand is sturdy enough to be placed anywhere.  They are mostly used indoors, making them a value for money proposition for you. All of this makes them reusable, and you have to invest in them once to reap their benefits for as long as you wish.

5.     Eye Catching

Our final reason why pull-up banners should be your number one choice is their presentation. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but every benefit mentioned above results in the most important thing for a banner: their readability and recall memory.

Their design and size enable them to be deployed anywhere, and this is why when you see them in unique places then they are recalled easily, and their message is more effective. This makes them the best banner you can advertise your brand on.

Final Thoughts

We would state that there are many forms of banner advertising that can be performed to market your brand. From expensive large hanging LED banners, to cheap PVC banners - you have plenty of options at your disposal. However, if you are looking to select the best of the best, then pull up banners are the best choice for you.

They come with numerous benefits as they are unique and their material makes your design/text stand out. Their portability makes them easily transportable anywhere, and you can place them wherever you want, even in remote places, which makes their recall value exponentially better. Their lasting ability makes them value for money.

The easy installation and removal are the all-rounder features that encapsulates all the benefits. This makes them the perfect advertising banner. So if you want to advertise your business using banners, we would highly recommend you select to pull up banners from all the varied choices.

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