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How to Store Pop Up Displays

Not every business is constantly going from tradeshow to tradeshow. In fact, tradeshows are usually few and far in between. During this time, you need to properly store pop up displays to avoid any deterioration.

Pop up displays are expensive but it’s a worthwhile expenditure because they’re reusable and, when looked after properly, they can last you for a long time. However, not everyone knows how to store pop up displays. This can mean that their displays get damaged and then you have to get new ones printed for every tradeshow.

Luckily, if you pay attention to the following helpful tips, you can store pop up displays carefully and reuse them with ease:

Graphics Face Inwards                                               

Once you have separated the panels from the stand, the best thing to do is to roll them up. Additionally, make sure that all the graphics are facing inwards when you are rolling the panels. Doing so ensures that any magnetic strips which are attached to the back of the panel do not get lost.

Additionally, this step also preserves the colours of the graphics. Damage from dust, strong light or even water can be greatly avoided if the panel is rolled up in this manner.

Roll Panels Individually

It can be tempting to store pop up displays together. However, you should roll each panel individually and keep it separately. Rolling the panels into one large mass will create a lot of stress on the panels. It is best to take things slowly and roll the panels individually, then store them in the carry case.

Even when placing them in the storeroom, individually keep them in storage so that you’re able to preserve the quality of the panels.

Keep them Rolled for Short-Term Only

Rolling the panels makes it very easy to transport them and you also save space on storage. However, this method is only suitable for a few weeks at best. Keeping them rolled up for longer periods of time will cause stress on the panels and they will start to get damaged. If you’re storing your panels for months, it is a good idea to place them completely flat.

This ensures that the rolled panels don’t develop creases or the edges start to fray. By laying them out flat, you’re able to keep the panel in good condition and avoid any deterioration.

Avoid Storing in Hot Environments

Since panels have a laminated coating, it is very important that you store pop up displays in areas where room temperature is normal. If the panels are rolled and placed in a hot environment, it can create enough heat and pressure to melt the laminate layers and bond them together.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you have a protective, rice paper sheet between each panel. Additionally, make sure that you’re storing them in a room where the temperature will not fluctuate too much.

With the help of these tips, you can ensure that you store your pop up displays properly and keep them in good shape.

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