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How to Design a PVC Banner

5 Top Tips for Designing a PVC Banner

If you are on the lookout for outdoor advertising tools, then look no further than large format PVC banners or pull up banners! The best part about these banners is that they are weather resistant – they can withstand heavy rainfall and scorching sunlight. With the perfect design, you will be able to effectively promote your content via a PVC banner.

So, here are 5 designing tips that will help you design your PVC banner.

1. Pick a Location

Before you start designing your PVC banner, your first order of business should be to choose a location for it. The location of your outdoor pull up banner will determine a whole host of designing decisions – including the size, content, colour, etc., of your banner.

One major factor to consider is where and how passers-by are going to spot your banner, i.e., whether they will glance at it while they are driving by, walking past it, or standing in a queue on the sidewalk. If you are going to place it on a wall, what colours will clash with it? All of these considerations will help you effectively create your outdoor pull up banner design.    

2. Create Short and Striking Content

Make sure that you stick to one distinct and attractive message for your pull up PVC banner. It will help you grab the attention of passers-by as well as make it easier for them to understand your promotional content. So, an attractive and creative message typed in a clear and big font is the way to go!

Another vital part of your content is the CTA. Make sure to add a clearly typed CTA in your banner content. It will allow your potential customers to reach out to you in case they are interested in your brand, product, services, etc.

3. Pick Legible and Simple Fonts

We understand the urge to choose fancy, cursive fonts for your content; however, we urge you to stick to clear, simple fonts when designing your banner. You want your banner content to be as legible as possible, and the best way to achieve that it to use legible, clean fonts such as Helvetica or Verdana. These fonts help make your banner content appear professional and improve your banner’s readability.

4. Choose Bold and Striking Colours

The best way to attract maximum attention toward your PVC banner is to go bold with the colours; make sure to use striking, complementary background and font colours to design your banner. If you happen to be an established brand, then the best strategy would be to incorporate your brand colours in the design of your banner.  

5. Use High-Quality Graphics

You need to incorporate high-resolution graphics in your banner to enhance its attractiveness. So, make sure that your graphics are high-quality and have a resolution of no less than 300dpi. Choose a website that has high-quality images, or if you want to use a self-captured image, then make sure to choose one that is taken from a high-quality camera.

We hope these designing tips help you create an outdoor PVC banner design that stands out from the crowd.

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