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What Is a Backlit Display and What Are its Ideal Uses?

A backlit display is a great addition to any exhibition. It adds a little something extra to your display by bringing in a pop of colour. The digital touch that a backlit display has makes your stall stand out at any exhibition.

If you’re using backlit exhibition stands to promote or advertise, they’re always going to be the one that catch your audience’s before any other poster or billboard they might come across. Follow along to learn more about what backlit displays are—and how you can use them for your promotional or exhibition purposes.

What is a Backlit Display?

A backlit display is a poster or backdrop that is used with a light box. Like the name says, backlit posters have a light box lighting up the poster from behind. This illuminates the display, making is visible throughout the night.

Backlit displays are also great for indoor events when the lights dim but you still want the poster to be visible. They automatically add a touch of class to your display, when you pick the right colours and carefully design the template.

Backlit posters come in both matte or gloss varieties depending on whether you want it to glow, or just be illuminated. They’re also printed on semi-transparent, special material, so the light can shine through in just the right amount.

Where Can You Use a Backlit Display?

Backlit displays can be costly, but if you choose them for the right purpose, they can be a great investment. All you need to do is make sure that you’re using them for the right occasions.

Trade Shows

If you want to use an illuminated pop up backdrop, you can have one at your next exhibition or trade show. They’ll immediately attract more attention, because they’ll stand out from all the regular displays. They’re also easier to read, so you know you’re reaching more people than someone without an illuminated display.

Backlit exhibition stands are great for displaying your brand’s logo and vision. When visitors come to your stall, they’ll subconsciously be taking in the colour scheme and logo without having to try.


If you design a carefully thought out illuminated pop up backdrop, you can make an aesthetic and attention grabbing background for your launch. When you’re introducing a new product, having a backdrop that represents its main features and objectives makes it easier for your audience to remember what your launch is about.


Once you’ve ensured that you have the proper permissions to set up a backlit display in a public place, you just need to make sure you install it in the right location. With the added benefit of being visible throughout the night, you should put it up where people pass by frequently after work or school.

For example, setting up a backlit display near a restaurant where people come for dinner will ensure that they see it on their way out.

Final Words

If you get someone to design the perfect backlit display for you, or you design one yourself, you’re automatically at an advantage from your competition. They get more attention and exposure than regular displays

Make sure the occasion where you use them is appropriate and appeals to the interests of your target audience and you’re good to go.

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