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Making Your Brand Pop with Backlit Panels

If you’re tired of using the same old marketing tactics to get your brand noticed, you probably find yourself looking for new ways to get your brand noticed. When setting up your stall at the next exhibition, take advantage of how technology has advanced and get backlit panels.

Here are some trade show booth ideas that attract visitors using a backlit poster or a fabric light box.

Use a Unique Design

When you’re going to opt for a backlit panel, there’s no point in letting that investment go to waste by not picking the best design possible. If your backlit poster is not colourful or unique, no one is going to be drawn towards it.

Remember, there are hundreds of people who are at an exhibition at a time. This does not only include visitors but the brands that are there to market their products as well. If you do not have a stall that truly stands out among all the booths, your efforts will go unnoticed.

Some ideas for trade show booths that you can use to get people to approach your stall include coming up with a template that is both colourful and informational. People should see your stall in the distance and be inclined towards seeing what services you offer and what products you have.

Place Your Posters in a Noticeable Location

If your backlit panels are somewhere in the corner where no one can see them, they are not of any use. If they are placed in a way that people can only see them once they have approached your stall, you aren’t using their appeal to their full potential.

You should place your backlit posters in a way that they indicate to everyone in the exhibition that your stall is located there. They should enhance your entire display by wrapping up the look of your booth. If you invest in a larger backlit panel, you can use it as the background of your stall, which visitors will be able to see from far away as well.

Think About Content

Since backlit panels are noticeable enough to draw people in, they should also have the kind of information people want to read about. Don’t add too many words to your posters. But don’t leave empty spaces or images without any context.

The types of phrases you use to market your brand are going to be the deciding factor in whether people end up approaching your stall. Even if your poster is colourful and attractive, if no one can understand what your brand is trying to sell, they won’t bother coming over.

Final Words

When it comes to understanding how to make your brand stand out, there are hundreds of ideas. Trade show booth ideas that attract visitors mainly consist of adding colours and aesthetic appeal to your stall. Among all the brands at an exhibition that are doing their best to get noticed, the only way to get ahead is to think of unique and informational designs.




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