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How to Unleash the Power of Promotional Products

Using branded merchandise is a tried and tested way of getting people to notice your brand. These promotional products can be anything from shirts to notebooks. Some brands even give away electronics or tickets to concerts. Knowing what kind of promotional products to use is the first step to making a lasting impression.

Do Your Research

Before you go ahead and decide on any random product to use as promotion, do your research to figure out what free merchandise will appeal most to your target audience. You’ll need to do market research to get a better idea of what’s in and what customers are attracted to the most.

Another aspect of research is to not go for products that only a few people of a certain age group would enjoy. You should add variety in the kinds of products you are giving away. This is your opportunity to be as creative and explore as many ideas as possible.

Expand Your Reach

Don’t give away products that aren’t in alignment with your brand’s image. If you’re an electronics brand, giving away free notebooks does not resonate as much with your brand than giving away cases for electronics, or chargers.

Make sure you give out a few different options of products. If you give your clients a choice in what products they can take, they’re more likely to feel like the product is more personal to them and not the same thing that everyone else is getting as well.

Have promotional counters at exhibitions set up with a variety of options for the prospective clients to go through. It creates an appeal just from looking at your booth from the distance because they can judge for themselves if they want to check your products out.

Use Promotional Products as Rewards

Promotional products are not only things that are given away at a booth during an exhibition. They can also be given out in other circumstances that will increase the amount of exposure they get as well. For example, if you have a customer who is very loyal to your brand, you can gift them a custom branded product to thank them for their loyalty.

If you want to give away promotional products as rewards at an exhibition, you can invest in a portable pop up counter with storage that can store prizes for special customers, or those who win at a game that you have set up. These keep your exhibition space tidy, but equip you with enough products to keep everyone happy.

Give Promotional Products to Employees

Who said you can only give out promotional products to customers who are interested or thinking about buying from your brand? Employees are the people that have helped you reach the stage that you are currently at, and they need some recognition as well.

Final Words

Promotional products are a great way to connect with your customer base and create a relationship that is more than just you providing a service and them receiving it. The branded products help them remember your brand and talk about it to other people.

If you go for something that has a wider appeal, you’ll reach more people with your brand’s image.

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