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6 Advantages of Using Sandwich Board Signs

Top Benefits of Using a Sandwich Board for Advertising

You’ve all seen sandwich signs or A-frame boards alongside restaurants and outdoor pavements. Sandwich board signs are one of the traditional methods of advertising that are still quite relevant and effective in today’s age. Restaurants use them to highlight their menus and any special offerings. Real estate sandwich board signs outsides homes are also a very common sight. They are, in fact, an excellent tool for advertising all kinds of businesses especially those that rely heavily on foot traffic.

So, what makes these signs so popular and effective even today? Let’s find out.

6 Benefits of Using Sandwich Board Signs for Business Promotion


1. They Are Very Affordable

Every business is looking for the best ways to promote its offerings while keeping the costs to a minimum. Owing to their simplicity, sandwich board signs are a very affordable way to market your business.

2. They Grab the Customer’s Attention

Sandwich board signs are very effective in grabbing your customers’ attention and encourage them to know more about your business. You can use them to create a great first impression on your customers by displaying a simple yet compelling message. Double sided sandwich board signs work even better in gaining attention.

3. You Can Take Them Anywhere

One of the greatest benefits of using sandwich board signs is that they are very lightweight and offer incredible portability unlike any other signage. You can easily and conveniently move them indoors and outdoor or at different locations without the need of doing any dismantling anything or hiring any help for installation.

Their portability also makes them a great option for promotional events and tradeshows. You can take your message to the event venue, roads, halls, and practically anywhere!

4. They Are Versatile and Reusable

Sandwich board signs can be used for all kinds of promotional activities and advertising campaigns. More importantly, these signs can easily stand the test of time. As long as you take proper care and store your signs properly, you’ll be able to use it for years. Their ease of customization allows them to be revamped or updated as and when necessary.

5. They Are Durable

The marketing costs can add up quickly if you have to constantly keep paying for new materials and tools every season. Sandwich board signs offer the advantage of higher durability. They can withstand tough weather conditions and won’t crack or warp easily. In fact, the life of a sandwich board can outstrip the life of any other signage material.

6. They Allow Mobile Advertising

A sandwich board is probably the only kind of signage that you can carry around at different places and reach as many of your target audiences as possible. This way it allows you to do movable or mobile marketing.

If you’re looking for an effective and reliable way to get your business advertising on track, sandwich board signs are your best bet!

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