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5 Things You Ought to Know about Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are a great advertising option for businesses all over the world due to their cost-effective nature. In fact, they are hugely popular in Australia, so much so that fabric banners in Melbourne come in innumerable shapes, sizes, weights, and colours and you can easily get them customized to a T. You can let your creativity flow and advertise your business in an effective manner on blank fabric banners.

Perhaps, the best bit about fabric banners is that the cloth used to make them is a biologically friendly one since it is not made of harmful plastic or plastic substitutes. Plus, it gives the fabric banners their signature high-quality look.

So, without further ado, here are 5 things that you must know about fabric banners:

1. King of Versatility

Fabric banners are arguably the most versatile banners used for marketing today. Blank fabric banners in different shapes, sizes, weights, and colours can be fashioned into a creative advertising tool. Since they’re made of high-quality cloth, they’re also the most environment-friendly banner option out there.

What makes these banners truly versatile, though, is that they can be displayed anywhere. The foldable nature of these banners allows you to carry them with you to events such as market fairs, trade shows, business conferences, etc. Plus, you can easily showcase them in prime locations on all these occasions.

2. Sublimation Printing Works its Magic

Ink is printed on fabric banners via dye sublimation printing. In this process, heat is used to essentially bind fabric and ink together. The effects of sublimation printing are pretty permanent, just like a skin tattoo, since it uses heat to open up the pores of the fabric so that the ink seeps into it and solidifies. 

The result is a permanent, high-quality, bright image that won’t peel, crack, or wash away from the fabric. The best bit about sublimation printing is that it allows you to cover your entire fabric banner – from seam to seam.

3. Elasticity

If you want your fabric banner to have some elasticity, then you should opt for a polyester fabric banner with some Lycra in it. This way, you will have a stretchy and eye-catching fabric banner.

4. Black is the Way to Go

If you need a double-sided fabric banner, then the best way to retain its colour and effectiveness is by getting a black fabric placed between the two sides. This easy and quick fix will prevent your banners from getting shadowed. It will effectively allow your advertised content to remain visible all the time.

5. Creaseless and Flawless 

Fabric banners are an amazing advertising tool since they can be folded into a compact, transportable size and are also resistant to creases and wrinkles. In case your fabric banners do get some creases on them due to prolonged storage, then you can simply iron them out and make your banner creaseless again.

If you happen to live in Australia, then do capitalize on the fervour of fabric banners in Melbourne and advertise your business with these versatile banners.

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