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6 Common Fabric Banner Mistakes to Avoid

Fabric banners are a popular marketing medium, but unfortunately, most people don’t know how to use them to their full potential. To make sure you are getting the most out of your promotional materials, you need to avoid a few mistakes.

So, let’s begin!

1. Using Fabric Banners as Table Covers

It’s true that using a promotional material for exhibitions and business events can help your advertising efforts, but a common mistake that people make is using these fabric banners as a table cover. It might seem like multitasking to you, but fixing it to the tabletop makes your stand look unprofessional.

2. Awkward Spacing

You’d want the fabric banner to look professional and appeal to the onlookers. But a common mistake that happens during fabric banner printing is cramped in text. It’s important to measure the banner beforehand so that there can be equal spacing between the letters.

3. A Cramped Design

Cramping in lots of text on a fabric banner can ruin the design. The basic purpose of this tool is to make your brand visible to the public. However, a cramped design falls short of your expectations because it confuses the reader. So whenever you are using a banner, try and resist the temptation of cramping up the design.

4. Too Creative

A cramped design doesn’t just comprise of overflowing text. It’s okay to get your creative juices flowing, but going overboard can make for a messy situation. Try to balance your creativity and align all the elements on the fabric banner.

5.  Working on DIY Banners

It’s great that you want to roll up your sleeves and put in some hard work on making the banners yourself, but when you are setting up a professional stand, your DIY banners won’t look tasteful. So try to opt for professional banners instead of making your own if you want to stand out.

6. Going for the Same Colours

Another common mistake that people make is using the same colours for the banner and the font. Make sure that the font colours and banner colours contrast with each other, with the font in a darker shade. This’ll help make the text stand out and be more visible.

Final Words

It’s true that fabric banners can be the ultimate marketing tool for small businesses. And now that you know about the common mistakes that you can avoid, you have the knowledge to proceed with caution. As long as you choose the best location for banners, there’s no doubt that your promotion efforts will be fruitful. Get in touch with Vividadsand get your customized printed fabric banners today! Work with professionals to design your promotional material or let your creative juices flowing. Email us at to get a quote today!

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