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10 Ways to Improve Typography in Your Design

Typography is a significant aspect of designing. Great typography can really lift up your design and take it to a new and improved level. These 10 tips can help you create beautiful typography that will definitely transform your design.

1. Watch Your Titles

The title or headline of your design is usually the first or at times the only words your audience sees. So, it stands to reason that your title typeface needs to be impactful and readable.

Simply make sure your title kerning is properly done – this includes both words and numbers!

2. Say No to Small Caps

Make sure to never use small caps in your design and avoid manually shrinking down your caps. They can ruin the look of your typography and make your design look unprofessional.

3. Use Only Up to Three Fonts

If you use more than three fonts in your typography, chances are your design will look undesirable and confusing. However, if you stick to no more than three fonts, your design will look neat and professional.

4. Avoid Text Warping

Designers can be tempted to warp a font to end up with creative typography. However, warped text usually looks amateurish. So, avoid squashing and condensing your fonts.

5. Opt for Font Families

Font designs usually come with a great style variety; you generally have standard, cursive, rounded, bold, etc. Use these varieties in your typography to give your design a cohesive and attractive look.

6. Watch Your Kerning

Proper spacing or kerning is arguably the most important aspect of typography; a properly spaced typeface makes for a professional and attractive design.

A pro tip to kern effectively is to individually kern all problem words and letters before focusing on the entire typeface as a whole.

7. Employ Logical Hierarchy

Although time-consuming, a concise and clear hierarchy – logical order of font, spacing, and line size for titles, subheadings, and body – is essential for good design typography.

A great hierarchy helps your audience recognize the order in which they need to view your text, which results in improved readability and comprehension.

8. Check the Color and Font Contrast

Choose your colors and fonts and lay them out on your digital canvas. Make sure they offer great contrast and go well together before diving in to the designing process.

Bad color selection leads to readability issues with the design.

9. Use a Grid

In order to perfectly align your text, you need to use a grid. A grid will help you notice and fix any inconsistencies in your typeface kerning and tracking.

It will allow your design to be visually appealing and readable.

10. Use Your Handwriting

You can try coming up with your own handwritten typeface; it is a bit time-consuming, but the end result is highly rewarding.

Use a ruler, set up your grids and guidelines, and start making your own font. Once you are done, simply scan your work and modify it digitally if needed. Your exclusively handwritten typography will definitely make your design stand out!

Employ these useful tips to turn your design into a typography masterpiece!



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