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What Is a Gator Board and What Are Its Best Uses?

Are you torn between figuring out what kind of board you should get for your display? There are different kinds of boards that you can opt for, like foam and PVC. However, depending on what you need the board for, the material will vary.

Today, we’re discussing what you can do with a gator board and what the benefits of using it are.

What is Gator Board?

Gator board is a kind of thick, multilayered display board that has an inner filling of foam and an outer covering of wood-fibre. The outside surface of the gator board is waterproof and will not damage with rain or exposure to moisture.

Although gator board can be a bit expensive, it lasts for a very long time and is lightweight as well. It can be used for the long term, but this is only on the condition that you take extra care of it and take the necessary precautions to protect it from sun and weather damage.

What Are the Best Uses of Gator Board?

Depending on whether you want to use gator board signs outdoors or indoors, its benefits will differ. If you’re looking for something to use outdoors, gator board is a great solution, however, if you’re looking for something to use indoors, gator board might seem like a waste of money.


Custom gator board signs are a great idea to add an extra touch to your exhibition, or even a sale in your own backyard when you’re holding a backyard sale. They’re used in restaurants while being propped on tables, they’re used for real estate signs, signs at events and even put up in stores to display valuable information that the clients need to know.

Gator board signs are also used to print out little ads that you can hang up around your workplace or in places where advertisements are allowed. They sometimes come in a self-adhesive form that can stick on to whatever you want to attach them.


Gator board also works as a support for art or clay models that need something to dry in that won’t get ruined.  They are a little acidic, so make sure that there is nothing you’re placing on their surface that might lose its colour or texture because of the gator board.

Before using the gator board to support any art that you’re worked long and hard on, make sure that the paints you use don’t react with the gator board.

Art Work

Gator boards are great for attaching your paintings too and hanging them on the wall. People who are just beginning to experiment with art can use gator boards to mount their paintings with the help of its self-adhesive feature. You can even get them laminated and hung as a frame for your wall.

Gator boards are essentially poster boards that you can use to display a variety of items. You can use them as a canvas, or to create custom gator board signs that you hand around your workplace.

Final Thoughts

So, what is gator board? It’s basically a poster that can also function as a sign, a canvas or support for any fragile artwork. It’s weather resistant and doesn’t break easily, which makes it all the more reliable.

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