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PVC vs. Foam Board – Which Material Is Better for Rigid Signs?

Understandably, your business spends a lot of time and money on signs for promotional offers, advertisements and other offers. Physical signs are a great choice since they are cost-effective and can help increase your brand’s recognition in the local community without being in your face.
Before making any significant decisions, it is essential to decide which sign you will be using for what purpose. Since there are various signs to choose from, it may be hard to make the final decision. If you’re thinking of using rigid signs for marketing your business, read this article to determine which material is suitable for your rigid sign.

PVC Boards

One of the most popular signage choices is PVC boards, which are sturdy and robust polyvinyl chloride. These boards will not crack, break, dent, or even get a scratch on them despite the weather conditions. PVC boards are strong, but you can bend them since they are malleable. They are incredibly versatile and a good choice for rigid signs.
This board is durable and can withstand all kinds of temperatures and weather. PVC boards are a unique choice for signs because they have a glossy, matte finish, making them look stylish and trendy without even doing anything. This material is resistant to heat and chemicals and can be used for screen and digital printing. PVC board signs can be used outdoors and indoors since they are adamant and long-lasting.

Gator Boards

Gatorboard signs are made of strong solid foam, which has a stiff fibre exterior and includes a coating that is resistant to moisture. Unlike PVC boards, the Gatorboard is not waterproof and cannot withstand extremely high temperatures. Gatorboard signs are comparatively softer than PVC board signs, but they are still resistant to cracks and dents. It is best not to use knives on Gatorboard signs since they can easily get scratched.
Compared to PVC board signs, Gatorboard is a cheaper option, but it is also not as versatile as PVC board signs. Gator boards may be a good choice if you’re thinking of a rigid indoor sign since they are not strong enough to be outdoor signs because they cannot stand the constant weather changes or rain.

Foam Board

Foam board signs are polystyrene foam core and are covered with two clay-coated paper from both ends. Compared to PVC boards and Gatorboard signs, foam board signs are the lightest material. Foam board signs are also the cheapest option out of the three, but they are not very durable.
Foam board signs can only be used once or twice since they get damaged very easily. These signs are not water-resistant and can easily dent, scratch or crack. If you’re looking for a cheap sign that you only need to use for a minimal time, foam boards are a good choice since they come with an excellent finish. These signs can be used to print photos.

Which Material Is Good For Rigid Signs?

Rigid signs need to be solid and versatile. Out of the three characters mentioned above, PVC board signs would be most suitable since they can be used as outdoor signs for a long time without getting damaged. Visit our website to learn more.

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