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How Effective are Outdoor Signs

Evaluating Outdoor Signs and Their Effectiveness

A well-lit sign at the side of the road, on the exterior of a building or right above your entrance, can be a great addition to your property in order to attract potential customers. Outdoor signs are a pretty great way to communicate with those passing by or your prospective customers. A well-designed and strategically placed outdoor sign can determine the traffic of your business.  Here are a few factors that make your outdoor signage effective.


The size of the outdoor signs matters a lot. They need to be big so that they’re visible even from a distance. The material or text of the outdoor sign should be large enough that it fits into the available space. Make sure you select a good and visible font and expand it depending on how far you want your sign to be seen. Including graphics in your design is also pretty helpful in not only maximizing visibility but also having a bigger impact.


Considering people’s short attention span these days, it makes sense to limit the amount of text on signs. Always apply the ‘less is more’ concept when it comes to display signs. The thing with outdoor signage is that you need to take into account that your prospects may be walking or even driving by. While they can patiently view the signboard when walking by, it’s not possible to do so when they’re driving past it. Therefore, keeping your message short and simple by only including the company name and tagline with some attractive graphics will do the trick.

If you’re marketing an upcoming event, then make sure you keep it short yet bold like “Clearance Sale” or “50% off.” Such phrases on outdoor signs can be really effective in grabbing the audience’s attention.


If you have opted for a promotional flag as your outdoor sign, then you have probably chosen the best way to promote your brand. The purpose of outdoor signs is to make your brand more recognizable to the public. It is crucial to incorporate your brand’s logo and company colours in your outdoor signs. Also use your company’s signature font as this will allow your potential customers to make a cognitive association, which will in turn help them remember your brand.


Make your outdoor sign visually appealing. The use of visually appealing images and aesthetics can attract the audience’s attention. Images also trigger memory recall, which helps the audience associate and remember your brand. Using bright and eye-catching colours can also boost reader retention by almost 78%. The most attractive outdoor signs are the ones with dark backgrounds and light-coloured texts or vice versa. Never settle for boring colours or designs for your outdoor signs.


Location is perhaps one of the most important factors that can influence the effectiveness of outdoor signs. All other factors become redundant and pointless if the outdoor signs aren’t placed at a suitable location. Your sign should stand out and not be blocked by any obstructions such as trees. They should be placed at a height where they’re visible to those walking or even driving by. The aim is to gain maximum exposure by showcasing it to your target audience.

Incorporating these factors into your outdoor signs will surely make them effective!

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