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What is a Social Media Selfie Frame?


Selfie frames / photo booth frame are a relatively new trend in the worlds of social media, photography and business. Generally made from cardboard or foam with an adhesive backing for easy application- these days it's not uncommon to find them on product packaging as well!
A selfie is often taken at events so people can share their experiences afterwards; sometimes they're given out by brands who want you take advantage self marketing opportunity while also using this interactive form of content which makes customers feel more involved than just reading about what happened without being able see how exciting things were OR commemorate moments through text: special messages written directly onto selfies).

Selfie frames are so popular these days because people love taking photos! However, the rise of social media has made it that much better with pictures. These selfie-frames have become an industry staple for business and events alike as they not only provide plenty entertainment but also some key benefits such as branding or advertisement opportunities too. 

3 Ways You Can Use Them For Your Business

1. Exhibition Visitors
Get your exhibition or trade show visitors up close and personal by snapping selfies with them and tagging them on social media for an instant connection.

2. In-Store
Use selfie frames in store and snap your customers with their brand-new purchases, then tag them online!

3. Product Launches and Parties
No event is complete without a branded selfie frame. Our customers are guaranteed fun and will remember you forever, so don’t miss this trend for their potential customers! If they use it on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram to share pictures of themselves with friends - make sure that those photos have your company's branding in them too- because people love when companies show interest in what matters most: Themselves!!

Top Benefits of Using a Selfie Frame

1.  Engagement -There’s no denying it, selfie frames help with engagement no matter what the event. Having fun and getting your customers to relax for photos helps lead them into longer visiting times which results in even more personalized conversations than ever before!

2.  Social Sharing & Data Capture - Not only does this make people feel like they're having an enjoyable time at our retail spaces but also makes those who share their experience on social media think highly enough about us as well-- creating instant leads or potential buyers right away while you're still here on site

3.  Highlight employee achievements/problem solvers

4.  Ways we can improve customer service

5.  Giveaways