How to Convert RGB to CMYK?

Design software that automatically saves and exports your document in CMYK settings is the best way to avoid last-minute problems with colour conversions.
If you’ve designed some artwork in software that produces RGB documents, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, then converting it into a printable format can result in color variations because of how colors are created (additive versus subtractive). It's better if design programs create files based on these principles so there will be no mistakes when sending them for printing. If this isn't possible, we have a step by step guide about changing from rgb to cmyk which you may need later down the line!

So, I can change my colors to CMYK or not. It’s up to you!
Do I need to change my colours? When you upload your artwork on our online proofing tool it will automatically be converted and so whether designing with CMYK is beneficial for me depends on how much control do I want over the final look of design elements in printed form. The benefit of using CMYK mode while creating designs is that we would know what color combinations we are going use when printing them because they match exactly with printer's ink tablets used during printing process whereas if one chooses RGB mode then there might be some difference between display screen which shows us what looks like finished product but has different result once actually produced due lack uniform precision.