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9 Things to Include on Your Trade Show Printing Checklist

Many startups and established businesses use trade shows to expand their market reach. But to have a successful trade show, every detail needs to be taken care of. One such detail includes printing various items for your trade show.

So, let us give you a list of 9 things you should include in your printing checklist to have a successful trade show.

1. Business Cards

Business cards are such a neat way to make new contacts in a trade show. The last thing you want is to run out of business cards in front of a huge, prospective client. So, print them out beforehand and make sure that you have extra cards printed just in case things exceed your expectations and you hand out more than you predicted. Your purse, suit pocket, briefcase, and luggage are all appropriate places to stash your business cards in.

2. Brochures

Survey different printing companies and pick the best one to print out your brochures. A themed, colorful brochure that highlights your products will be a great selling point. A solid brochure is a sure fire way to make a great impression on leads.

3. Banners

Banners are a tradeshow must-have. If you are running low on preprinted, usable banners, make sure to stock up. A striking banner will bring lots of needed visitor attention to your booth and will also highlight your presence.

4. Signs

 Make sure to order a variety of signs in different formats and sizes. Put price lists, display your products, and give out crucial information about your company on appealing and creative signs to spruce up your presence.

5. Flyers

Any good trade show printing checklist needs to have flyers in it since they are invaluable during trade shows. Attendees will likely pass by your booth without stopping, but most of them will take attractive flyers from you that will help you spread out important details about your company to potential clients.

6. Booklets

Booklets are a vital part of trade show printing. They are one such item that trade show attendants keep long after the event has ended. Make sure to hand out your company booklets to top-tier prospective clients only to save on the additional cost.

7. Order Sheets

Your trade show checklist should include order sheets. You don’t want to run out of order sheets in a huge event; it will lead you to miss out on sales. So, ensure that you have a large stack of order sheets printed out before the event. Place them in several visible locations on your trade show booth.

8. Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers lead to exposure beyond the trade show for your company. Your visitors will likely stick these stickers in a highly visible location, which will lead to more publicity for your company.

9. Promotional Items

Promotional items could include something practical like notepads and cute fridge magnets or something fun and outrageous like bobble heads! The point is that they should have your company’s logo and name displayed on them. They are a great way to keep your business in the client’s mind.

Print out these 9 items for your trade show to make it a grand success!

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