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5 Printing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Whether you are printing huge books and catalogs or small flyers and leaflets, you don’t want your efforts to go to waste. If you are not in the habit of printing things, then you are bound to make some common mistakes. However, there is no need to panic, these mistakes are entirely avoidable.

Here are some typical printing mistakes and ways to avoid them.

1. Spelling and Grammar Errors

There is simply no room for grammatical or spelling mistakes in a printed text. It sends a terrible impression to the reader. Most writers use Microsoft Word to type their content and reply on the spellchecker tool to fix their spelling errors. Yes, it works when it comes to fixing basic spelling mistakes, but not when you have used the wrong word in place of the one you wanted to use!

Plus, spellcheckers are not all that reliable when it comes to grammar and word usage issues, so they should not be heavily relied on. Always make sure to proofread your written content to find errors before you print it out.

2. Choosing Quantity over Quality                                         

There is a trend in printing that favors quantity over quality when it comes to mass printing. That is a big mistake. Quality is always more important than quantity.

We understand that being budget-conscious is important, but there is just no excuse for using poor quality paper. It reflects badly on you and your written content.

3. Forgetting to Include Bleed

Make sure to incorporate enough bleed in your design because without it, you will end up with an unappealing white border. While guillotines or paper cutters are pretty precise, adding bleed to your work will entirely omit the chance of getting a white border. You can extend your design by a mere 3 millimeters to avoid this issue.

4. Not Being Careful with Ink Coverage

Paper is only able to absorb a certain quantity of ink – going overboard will only cause serious issues like cracking and bruising. This mistake is entirely avoidable; just check the printer you will be using and try to keep your ink coverage under 240%.

5. Choosing Small, Illegible Text

When you are printing in bulk, the readability quotient of your text can easily slip your mind. However, it is important to keep your text font at a level that is easily legible and readable. Just make sure to keep the font size over 6, since a text with a font size smaller than 6 is hard to read.

However, if your text requires a small font size, then make sure to use a font style that is uncomplicated and legible.

These are all errors that people tend to make when printing a document. So, the next time you want to print your content, just be extra careful to avoid these mistakes.


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