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Wall Graphics Aren’t Just Wall Stickers

Most promoters or advertisers already understand the power of using stickable labels for promotion. Labels are useful advertising tools that are easy to affix to walls and can provide continuous promotion for businesses, products, or services for years. Wall graphics and stickers are two adhesive label formats that resemble each other but differ in many ways.

What are wall graphics?

Wall graphics are graphical decals that can be stuck to walls or other flat surfaces using adhesives. They can be used to decorate homes and outdoor spaces, and are often used for promotional and informative purposes.

Wall graphics are also commonly seen in office spaces in the form of motivational quotes or stylized text. They tend to look far more expressive than posters due to their cutout appearance, which allows them to display larger font sizes compared to posters, and without taking up too much space on walls.

This is why wall graphics are often used when designing a wall mural. Melbourne has many stunning outdoor wall murals that are made from wall graphics.

What are stickers?

Stickers are labels that can be printed or left blank for people to write on. They are often made from paper or cardboard and can be stuck to walls and other flat surfaces for promotional purposes. They often feature an adhesive layer that makes them stick to surfaces with ease.

Stickers were invented in the 1930s and were extensively used for promotional purposes in the past. They were the favourite promotional format used by politicians during elections, and for advertising businesses outdoors. However, many wall stickers are now being replaced with wall graphics due to their superior characteristics.

Differences between wall graphics and wall stickers

One of the main differences between wall graphics and wall stickers is the presence of a background. The edges of a wall graphic are confined to the shape of the objects or text they are representing, whereas stickers often feature backgrounds in which other objects or text are contained.

This means walls surfaces are more likely to be visible in the spaces between objects and text on wall graphics but are concealed under the backgrounds of wall stickers. Due to this reason, wall murals graphics are capable of blending in with walls far better than wall stickers.

Wall mural graphics are also usually made from vinyl, while stickers are normally made from paper. This difference matters because moisture could get into paper stickers and cause them to degrade over time. This issue is unlikely to occur with wall graphics as vinyl is a non-porous plastic. As a result wall graphics are far more durable than wall stickers.

This enhanced durability is one of the reasons vinyl is chosen when designing a wall mural.

Melbourne is home to many designers that specialize in creating wall graphics on vinyl due to its stronger and more resilient nature. These artists are always coming up with unique eye-catchy designs that are sure to keep adhesive labels popular in the future.

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