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Types of Posters to Promote Your Business

Posters and vinyl banners are traditional tools that are used for outdoor advertising. Despite the growing popularity of digital marketing, print advertising remains timeless. Print ads are the fastest way to communicate information to target customers. This makes posters an important part of most marketing campaigns. Companies spend a lot to make their poster advertisements creative and eye-catching.

There are different types of promotional posters and banners. You can choose a type, depending on the size, content, and purpose. Every business should use the best marketing technique to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Read through this post to find out the best type for your business:

1. Infomercial Posters

The most common type of advertising posters are infomercial posters. These are the types of posters that you come across everyday on a sidewalk. They contain information about a product or service and a call to action so that prospects can reach you easily. Like vinyl banners, infomercial posters have creative designs and images to attract customers.

2. Formative Posters

The purpose of formative posters is not to sell a product or service. These types of posters are put up to create awareness about a certain issue or social problem. They are generally part of societal marketing. Mostly, educational, health, and political businesses or NGOs use formative posters. In formative posters, images are more important than text. You should use a design that creates more impact and evokes emotions among people.

3. Show Posters

Show posters are also known as cinematographic posters. The purpose of these posters is to promote upcoming TV shows, movies, or musical concerts. Show posters do not have a lot of text except the name of the show and few details. They mainly have a big image of the show or celebrity. Sometimes, brands also use them as pre-release posters to create thrill among the masses.

4. Corporate Posters

Corporate posters, as evident by the name, are posters that are used to promote brand. The purpose of these posters is not to advertise a single product or service. They give more exposure to the whole brand of the corporation. These posters might advertise the general category of the products that the company offers. Most MNCs stick to a single design and theme for corporate posters for uniformity.

5. Backlit Posters

Backlit posters are an innovative twist to standard promotional posters. They are like a standard poster with a framed lightbox. They have a semi-transparent media with a thin film to ensure that the light distributes evenly on the poster. They have much more definition than traditional printed posters. These posters are vibrant and visible to a passerby even from a good distance. They make the image and text on the poster stand out.

6. Digital Posters

Digital posters are not printed posters, instead, they have moving images and texts. They need an LED screen or projection space for display. The best thing about digital posters is that you can use them again. They are vibrant and eye-catching. You should be careful in choosing colors as the projector might not project the exact same color.


You can choose any of these types of posters to optimize your marketing efforts. But, do not limit your business to just one type of poster. You can choose different types of posters for different locations, depending on your needs. As always, you should also make it a point to consider your audience and location before choosing a suitable type for your business.



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