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9 Ways to Make Your Flyer Stand Out

Flyers are a great way to grab people’s attention in busy streets and commercial areas. They are an effective way to market your business. But how do you make sure your flyer stands out from a sea of flyers.

Here is how you can make your flyer stand out:

1. Write a Catchy Title

Make sure you give your content a snappy and memorable title. Carefully choose specific words that will make your title stand out. The most popular flyer titles have one or more of these buzz words: Unlock, How to, Easy, Now You Can, The Secrets to, Finally, Discover, Insider, Free, and Time Sensitive.

2. Use Colorful Graphics

A striking image or illustration is bound to catch some attention. A singular large image is much more impactful than multiple smaller images. The image you use on your flyer is your focal point; it will draw the required attention and provide needed support to your content. You can simply purchase economical yet good quality stock photos on the net, download photos or even buy a CD with numerous images.

3. Highlight the Benefits of Your Service                   

Any potential lead will always wonder if they even need your advertised product or service. A good way to convince them is to use words like “you” and your”; basically, address them. Try to avoid using words that directly promote you or your product. A good idea would be not to use words like I, we, us, and our.

Also, make sure to keep your content short and precise. Use words that can directly convey your message. If you happen to have long paragraphs in your text, try to break them up with bullet points.

4. Use Convincing Customer Reviews

If you want to sell your product, always put favorable customer reviews on your flyers. When it comes to selling a product, nothing works better than a legitimate endorsement. Just make sure you include the details of the customer providing the positive testimony.

5. Leave Blank Spaces

You don’t want your flyer design to look too crowded; avoid filling it with loaded graphics and wall-to-wall text. Leave out some white, blank spaces to make your content stand out and increase its readability.

6. Emphasize the Titles

Make sure to highlight your titles and subtitles. Just put them in bold and avoid capitalizing all the letters since that takes away from the relevant highlighting.

7. Keep It Simple

Keep it simple by using two typefaces and aligning your items to a grid. Be alert about printing margins.

8. Always Proofread

A lot of people don’t proofread their work once they are done. You should make sure to proofread it and then ask someone else to go through it again. Also, check all the relevant information – your email address, your website URLs, and your phone numbers.

9. Go For a Budget-Friendly Option

If you are on a tight budget, you can choose a brightly colored paper and print your text with black ink. Use grey shades to give a contrasting background.

Designing a unique flyer is not that hard. Use these effective tips from the pros to design flyers that stand out.



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