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What You Didn’t Know About Floor Graphics

The Lowdown on Floor Graphics

Rising in popularity, floor graphics offer a cost-effective and eye-catching way for business advertising and brand promotion. Floor graphic design can actually enhance the overall customer experience, as well as, their interest in your brand.

You can choose from a wide range of designs, colours and even 3D floor graphics. Let’s find out more about this interesting advertising tool that can gain customer traction and bring in more business.

Designing and Installation of Floor Graphics

The design, printing, lamination and installation of floor graphics are carried out keeping in mind their durability and high level of performance.

The floor graphic needs to be designed in a way that it can send out an easy-to-understand message and should be attractive enough to gain the attention of passersby. Impactful, bold colours, imagery and short messages are used in the floor graphics design.

The graphic film used in these tools is usually a white film covered with adhesive. In addition, a protective laminate is incorporated to provide stability and protection to the floor graphic.

The choice of the graphic and laminate depends on factors, such as the foot traffic and indoor or outdoor placement. Environmental conditions such as snow, rain or sun as well as slip-resistance standards can play a role too.

Laminate Vs. Non Laminate

Laminates can increase the lifespan of the floor graphics and make them slip-resistant. They are best used with smooth floor applications in indoor spaces. It’s recommended that you test the floor graphic with cleaning agents and waxes that will be used to clean and maintain the floor, before you can apply it to ensure they are not damaged.

Extra care needs to be taken when using floor graphics with laminates to avoid wrinkling and edges sticking out.

To eliminate this problem, more advanced floor graphics have come with non laminate option. They are said to allow quick application and do not get torn up or wrinkled easily. Moreover, they feature scratch-resistant and anti-slip coating. With a lifespan of up to a year indoors and up to 6 months outdoor, they offer good durability.

Carpeted Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can also be prepared for use on carpeted floors. Stronger and permanent adhesives are required to install these graphics. This is because they’re more prone to getting caught or lifted from the edges as compared to when they’re applied on a smooth floor. Heavy-duty, tear-resistant materials are used to prepare the graphics.

Whether you want to promote your brand at an event or location, give directions to the customers, or refresh the look of your stores, floor graphics can be an excellent tool to help you get the attention you desire.