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Trade Show Marketing Tips

Trade Show Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Tradeshows are an effective medium to reach your target audience. You can participate in trade shows to promote your services to existing and new customers.

Grabbing the attention of the event participants through attractive brochure floor stands and mesh banners in Brisbane is crucial to your business.

From displays to lighting and publicity material, make sure that the design of the display space is visually appealing for all the visitors. Here, you will learn about effective tradeshow marketing tips to make the best impression on the visitors.  

1. Showcase New Products

More than 92 percent of tradeshow participants in a survey stated that their main reason for attending an event is to look at new product launches.

You must use the opportunity of the trade event to highlight newly launched or upcoming products. In that way, you can capture the attention of the maximum number of visitors. The visitors will purchase or show their intention to purchase your products.

2. Inform them About the Tradeshow

You must send an email to the target audience before and during the trade event. The email should be text-based instead of image dense. This is because images are usually hidden unless people click on the ‘show images’ button. As a result, you will not be able to get the message across to a maximum number of online users.

3. Keep Marketing Material Simple

Make sure that the printed material, including banners and brochure floor stands, has a simple and easy-to-digest printed material. No one has the time to read text when attending a trade show. You need to grab attention using simple, bold graphic design.

Less is good when it comes to designing brochures or mesh banners in Brisbane. Keep the promotional material short and to the point. In doing so, your visitors will most likely notice the brand message and visit the booth.

4. Consider the ‘Engagement’ Factor

You must consider the engagement factor to make visitors hang around your booth during a trade show. Consider offering incentives in the form of a free eBook or publicity materials. The longer the visitors are around the booth, the more opportunity you will have to create a lasting experience.

Some of the ideas to engage with your customers include laptop or smartphone charging stations. Have kiosks set up at trade shows that display the features and capabilities of your new product. An informative video about your company or product and interactive elements, such as games, can also create a positive impression on the customers. Moreover, beverages and snacks can attract visitors to your booth.

5. Follow-up

Don’t let visitors forget you after the trade event. You should follow up by sending an email to the participants who have given you their email address. You can also follow up by sending handwritten notes, thanking the participants for visiting your company booth at the event.

Brisbane has many agencies that specialize in trade show marketing. Contact an expert agency for professional quality design materials for your trade show event. The designers can craft eye-catchy marketing and promotional materials that will help in grabbing the attention of visitors.