Top Tips to Create the Best Step & Repeat Banner

Top Tips to Create the Best Step & Repeat Banner

What Is a Step and Repeat Banner?

A step and repeat banner is also known as a press wall or media backdrop. It comes in the form of a fabric display stand, which is positioned at your event or venue to capture images with a consistent and branded backdrop.

You might have also heard a step and repeat banner referred to as a media wall, a logo wall, a pressboard, sponsor board or even an interview photo wall. Each is the same and is used for this consistent photography at an event.

Choose Matte Not Glossy
It’s always essential to have suitable fabric to ensure that your images don’t have glare. 
Keep the Design Simple
Unless you need more images for another reason that links to your event, keep your design simple and choose a repeat of your brand logo for maximum impact.
Choose Logo Size Carefully
Make sure your logos are big enough to be seen on a zoomed-out image but not so big that you can only see a couple of letters once a person is in front of them. You want your logo to surround the person being photographed. If you know you will be photographing one person at a time; a smaller logo works well. For large group images, a bigger logo works because the image will be taken from further away.


Popular Uses for Media Backdrops

Vivid Ads offers photo background printing for all events to help your school standout when it's time to shine. There are numerous opportunities to use these custom banners throughout the year. Below are a few ways we commonly see this product used by athletic departments.
Backdrop for Team and Player Pictures
A sports photo background provides a clean and branded background for team photos and individual athlete pictures. A custom branded logo banner helps these pictures look and feel like those found in high-level university programs.
Interview Backdrops
A media backdrop banner during a sports interview looks attractive, especially when it's of high-quality design. When there's press coverage of your event, you want to ensure that every factor seems polished. With our interview and press conference photo background options, your team’s and school's personality shines through the camera lens.
Press Conference Backdrop
Add a professional touch to press conferences and media sessions. This simple solution for creates a professional atmosphere to conduct post-game briefings, player and coach interviews, and big announcements.
School Backdrops
While many of our customers purchase backdrops for sports-related uses, they are not limited to athletics. School backdrops are also used by principals and other school administrators to elevate photo opportunities. A photo background provides a clean and professional background for staff pictures and academic achievers.


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