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Tips to Stand Out at Any Exhibition

Exhibitions are a great way to showcase your business to potential clients and get to know more about the customer base you want to cater to. It’s also an event where older businesses take most of the attention away from newbies, which is why you need to make sure you stand out in order to make your big break.

Here’s what you can do to ensure that you stand out at the exhibition:

1. Prepare for the Exhibition Beforehand

Start to prepare for the exhibition at least several weeks before it is set to take place. Hold meetings with your teammates to discuss what your booth will have that will make it stand out the exhibition. By having votes for what kind of merchandise you want to give away.

If you have other conferences or gatherings related to your company before the exhibition, ask the people attending what they would like to see that will make them more inclined to visit your booth.

2. Have a Great Display

Invest in good quality, 3x3 exhibition stands that bring some life to your stall. The last thing you want is a stall that doesn’t have any colors or attraction in it for people to want to approach. When people see a booth that looks like someone put significant time and energy in it, they’ll be more likely to pay you a visit.

A display isn’t only about what people can see, it’s also about the experience. Get someone to perform at your exhibit, like a comedian. Have video games that people can compete in for prizes. The more interactive your display is, the more likely you’ll be to be noticed.

3. Have the Biggest Crowd

Think about what products or features would encourage people to stand in line and wait for a chance to see your stall. Giving away merchandise for free is always a fail proof way of getting a huge crowd around your booth.

Giving away t-shirts and getting people to put them on right away is a good way to advertise that your booth is giving away free t-shirts. Add a little extra spark in your exhibit that makes it cooler and more exciting than the old-school companies.

4. Make a Video

Invest in an exhibition TV stand and play a video showing off what your company does, what your brand stands for and the vision it has. When people can see an interesting video from far away, before they even approach your booth, they know what to expect and have a better idea of what you do.

Most visitors to booths barely remember anything that they are told at an exhibition, because they’re just there for the freebies. But, if you have a video playing, they can always revisit your stall and learn more about what you’re about.

Final Words

Exhibitions are competitive and it can often be challenging to get yourself noticed. However, if you put in the right time and energy in understanding your target audience and investing in the right kind of display to attract them, you’re already better than almost half of the other companies.

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