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Tips to Care for Your Roll Up Standee

Using standees is an extremely popular way of marketing and promoting your brand or business. They are extremely cost-effective and convenient but they are also prone to damage.

Here are a few ways to protect your standee and extend its life.  

Pull the Banner with Care

Standee banners are not as rough as they appear. Roll up standees are created using aluminium which isn’t as thick and strong as iron or steel. When handled carelessly, this lightweight metal will not be able to last long. When pulling down the banner, make sure you handle and pull it down carefully. Holding and pulling the standee banner down from both the edges prevents any mishaps or damage from occurring. Since they are so delicate, tilting or pulling it from one direction can cause it to break.

Roll the Banner Carefully

Rolling the standee banner correctly is just as important as pulling it down carefully. Once you’re done displaying it, you will have to roll it and pack it up again. The rolling process of a standee banner should be done extremely slowly and without any force. By grabbing the standee from both the edges, you will be able to roll it correctly, ensuring that it settles aptly in the centre of the base. If at any point, it appears as if the banner is leaning more in a single direction, pull it out and correct it.

Keep Weather Conditions in Mind

Roll up standees can be placed anywhere— indoors and outdoors. When they are placed outdoors, they can be easily knocked down by the force of nature. If you are desperate to place your standee banners outdoors, there is not much you can do. However, if you have time to prepare for an outdoor event, you can opt for heavy-base standees. In case you are using a roll up banner, you can place bricks at the base to keep them from falling or you can lean them against a wall or similar support.

Avoid Damage during Transportation

When opting for standees for marketing purposes, you need to acknowledge their vulnerability during transportation. Your standees can easily get damaged, broken or scratched during the transit. When transporting standees to an event, ensure that you put and seal them in protective packaging such as a bubble sheet to offer them extra cushion and security. Moreover, the top and bottom of a standee are equally prone to damage, which is why it’s even more important to keep them covered.

Change Banner Display

A standee display banner is typically changed after every few months, mainly due to changes in marketing strategies, banner design, prices, products, etc. Your standee is extremely vulnerable during the banner display change. During this time, it’s important that you get it changed by a professional or acquaint yourself aptly to change the banner.

All in all, standees are a great marketing medium, but they require a little effort and care especially during transportation.

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