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The Difference between Wallpapers and Wall Murals

Contrary to popular belief, wall murals and wallpapers are not same! These are two entirely different wall coverings that are used in different ways. What are wall murals and how do they differ from their paper counterpart? Here are some common differences between the two that can help you make an informed decision for your business:

Wall Murals vs. Wallpaper



If you are searching for artsy options that can be altered to fit your vision, you shouldn’t go for a wallpaper. These come in fixed patterns that the supplier has in stock and chances are they won’t have the colour patterns you need.

Wall murals, on the other hand, can be designed from scratch so the sky is the limit when it comes to design elements. You can even send in your own artwork or photograph and have it blown up to the size of the mural. The result will be a lasting positive impression and an ambience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Manufacturing and Production Methods

A single sheet of wallpaper is basically a surface or embossed print that displays different colours and patterns. A wall mural, on the other hand, is basically a digital print that is enlarged to cover an entire wall. Unlike wallpaper, it can also be scaled down and customized according to specific space requirements.

Additionally, unlike murals, wallpapers come in standard patterns and designs that cannot be altered. So when you try and find suitable ones, you won’t have a lot of options. Wall murals are highly detailed in comparison and boast a level of depth that cannot be copied onto wallpaper. The main reason for this is the latter is made in bulk and sold by the bolt. Murals, on the other hand, are available in panels that are sold according to the entire image and are thus also easier to install.


What are wall murals best for? They are a great option if you want to apply them to just a single wall in a space. Since wallpaper is sold by the bolt, it is usually bought to cover four walls and this may include the ceiling.

Murals can be placed on any wall and since they depict a single and seamless image, they will look great once installed. They are not prone to peeling either as compared to wallpaper, which can come off due to humidity.

The wallpaper vs. wall murals debate has been resolved with the latter reigning supreme in terms of longevity and impact. If you have ideas for your wall mural design, get in touch with us at Vivid today. We can make your vision a high-res reality with a gorgeous mural that can make any space stand out. We have worked with over 26,500 Australian businesses and are trusted in terms of quality and price.