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Security Bollards – What You Need to Know

Using Bollards for Security Purposes – A Quick Guide

Security bollards act as both a visual and physical barrier. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, protecting valuable lives and property by creating a controlled traffic setting. Bollards signs are also used for displaying warning signs and ensuring public safety. 

They help to enhance the prominence of signage since they are traditionally painted in darker tones such as black, red, and dark orange, etc. This is important because they need to catch everyone’s eyes even from distance so that any accidents can be avoided.

What Are the Main Uses of Security and Safety Bollards?

The main applications of safety bollards and bollard signs are as kerbside barriers that provide safety to pedestrian from traffic. They work better than fences or large concrete blocks as they only restrict vehicle access while allowing free movement of people on the foot.

Automatic bollards can safely operate in places such public highways or outside building entrances, offering low-maintenance control for unauthorized access. They can be integrated with the local network or large scale building management systems to ensure security.

Types of Security Bollards

There are a variety of security bollards that can used for different purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the main types.

1. Removable/Retractable Bollards

There are situations when bollards need to be moved as and when the need arises and that’s where removable or retractable bollards come into the picture. You can use them to prevent vehicle access as well as for delineation. This type of bollards use pipe-and-tube technology where a socket is created in the ground. The bollard can be removed from the socket when access is allowed.

2. Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards, also known as permanent or embedded bollards, are fitted deep into the ground. They give added strength and security. They are usually made of steel, wood or concrete, however, their strength depends on the foundation to which is attached. They serve as permanent barriers to protect your property by serving as a warning to people as well as their vehicle who try to cross a restricted access space.

Most common fixed bollards consist of a steel post filled with concrete and embedded very deep within a reinforced foundation made of concrete.  This type of affixed bollard is very strong compared those made of wooden post buried in soft sand or dirt.

3. Automatic Bollards

These bollards is flexible option for those who want easy control and access at the same time. They can be raised or lowered without the need of removing them. Therefore, they stay at the same place and you can change their configuration. This makes them a robust security mechanism for situations where there’s little to no time to spare and heavy traffic of people or vehicles to deal with.

Increasing security concerns and the ever growing need for effective security makes safety bollards very important in public settings. With a variety of designs, types, and shapes, bollards can be used to cater to a range of security requirements.

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