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Mistakes to Avoid When Using Portable Promotional Counters


If you want to generate new leads for your business and bring new clients on board, it’s important that you excel at exhibiting your business at a tradeshow. When you want to increase brand awareness and boost your product sales, you can get all the help you need from promotional counters.

Although they are a great small business advertising tool, it’s the small things that can negate all your efforts. It’s easy to prevent design failures. All you need to do is avoid the following mistakes and you’ll be able to succeed.

· Complicated Message

The promotional counter has limited space, so you need to be creative with your words when writing down a message. Many people take this opportunity to bombard the reader with text, which makes for an unsightly exhibition stand. The best thing to do here is to go for a simple message that’s concise and gets the word across.

· No Message

An effective trade show display needs to get a message across, but most people don’t use it to its full potential. Don’t miss this chance of appealing to the mind and soul of your potential customers. If you truly want to stand out, make sure your promotional counter display has a message that speaks to the reader.  

· Failing to Communicate Benefits

When using promotional display counters, one mistake is ignoring the potential that these small business advertising tools have. In trying to keep the message short, many people forget to mention the benefits of the product. This is an important point to include since you can’t draw in customers without telling them what benefits are in store for them. As long as the attendees can gauge what’s in it for them, they’ll be happy to buy whatever you’re selling.

· Low Quality Graphics

Low quality printing services can be the downfall of your business. That’s right! Since an exhibition is the right time to showcase your professionalism and entice people to trust you, you can’t make the mistake of opting for a booth that displays a low quality image. Remember that the promotional display counters represent your business and thus, have to shed a positive light. The cheap and blurry images are sure to tarnish your reputation in the market. So make sure you opt for a service provider who can save you from the embarrassment of such graphics.  

Final Words

Promotional counters can speed up your brand awareness efforts. Just make sure you stay as far away as possible from these portable promotional counter mistakes if you want to be successful at a tradeshow.

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