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How to Create an Effective Trade Show Display?

You want a trade show display that creates the required buzz and brings visitors to your company’s booth. So, here are 5 basic factors that you need to consider to have an effective trade show display.

1. Keep Your Display Graphics Simple and Striking

Trade shows are awfully crowded, so it stands to reason that you need clear, bold, and simple visuals on your display canvas to attract maximum visitors to your booth. Intricate and ornate designs might be visually striking, but they have the potential to be confusing and therefore, less effective at trade shows. A solid tip is to go with a singular, simple yet visually striking image that conveys your message.

2. Create a Simple and Effective Headline

Use a simple, comprehensible and short headline for your trade show display to make it effective. However, make sure that it sends out a carefully thought out and distinct message to your visitors. It should compel the people passing by your booth to stop and take out the time to learn about your company and products.

A short headline will allow you to expand your heading size to increase your display’s reach. Your choice of typeface also matters; make sure to choose a legible and simple typeface. Most successful companies opt for simple fonts for their displays – a simple typeface makes for a more impactful display.

3. Keep the Description Short and Crisp

We understand the urge to go with a description that gives a detailed explanation of everything you want potential customers to know about your brand. However, we beseech you to resist that urge! You can’t expect your visitors to have the same passion for your brand that you do.

They won’t spend more than a few minutes on your booth. So, keep your display description as short as possible and make every word matter! A top tip is to use bullet points to counter the monotony of a long description. Make sure to follow the “less is more” approach and also keep your text free of overly technical language.

4. Prominently Display Your Company’s Name and Logo

Make sure that your company’s name and logo are proudly and prominently featured on your trade show display. A top tip is to place your company’s name in the header of your display, as that’s where most visitors will expect it to be. As for your company’s logo, you can add it as your display signage’s backdrop to effectively and subliminally market your brand.

5. Feature Your Website and Social Media Address

Look, not everyone is going to have the time to visit your booth and talk to you about your new product line. However, if your display has a link to your website or its address clearly featured, then visitors can just copy that information and visit your website at their own convenience.

If you don’t have a website, try to get one made instantly. Choose a website name that is easy to remember and specifies your area of business. And use social media to boost your online presence. You can also promote your trade show displays on different social media platforms beforehand to generate some buzz for the show.

Follow these 5 simple tips to make your trade show display stand out!