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How to Add a Wow Factor to Your Company’s Booth

How to Add a Wow Factor to Your Company’s Booth

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Are you about to attend your first exhibition? Or have you been attending exhibitions for years but are unable to figure out what was missing from your display? Maybe you need to enhance your display, because you don’t think it adds any additional value that other booths aren’t already providing.

In any case, having a booth that doesn’t attract as many potential customers as possible and doesn’t get the kind of attention you were expecting can be disappointing and disheartening.

Have Engaging Displays

Decorate your booth with the colors of your brand, but make sure it is visually appealing and looks attractive to anyone passing by. Having your company’s colors is a smart way of getting people to remember what colors are associated with your brand.

The key to incorporating company colors is to be subtle about it. Don’t have a booth that is bursting with your company’s colors and makes them hate them, but do your best to have the shades throughout the stall as casually as possible.

Pop up displays always catch people’s eye, even if they had no plans to visit your stall. If you add a little about your company’s vision, your potential customers will read it and it will enter their unconscious mind. This helps them figure out whether they want to walk over to your stall.

Add Snacks

Who doesn’t love some snacks as they stroll around a huge exhibition? Getting snacks for free from any booth is sure to make customers remember you. Have tables with snacks that visitors can choose from and they are sure to go and tell others about your booth as well.

Add Logos

As long as you can get your display to look appealing and aesthetic, you can incorporate your company logo in as many places as you can and get away with it. Seeing your logo unconsciously goes into people’s memories, and they are more likely to remember that they’ve seen your brand before if they ever catch a glimpse of the logo outside of the exhibit.

Backlit displays with the logo on them look great and catch people’s attention as well. They’re bright, and you can add as many colors as you like to them, creating an image in the back of people’s minds that are not going to forget.

Add Something Different

These days, plants and greenery are all the rage. Add a little something extra to your display by creating a wall of wilderness. This can be a wall covered in plants are greenery, perhaps exotic plants too that people would be inclined to come and see.

Having a unique wall encourages people to come and take pictures with the display. Add a photo booth in front of the wall and you’re good to go. If your logo is subtly incorporated in the wall, their photos become a form of promotion for you. They’ll also get other people to come and visit the stall if they see that there’s something you’re providing that others aren’t.

Final Words

These days, it’s hard to come up with a booth idea that hasn’t already been done before. However, if you put in the research and dedication in finding an idea that your target audience is sure to enjoy, you can add that extra wow factor to your booth.

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