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5 Tips for Creating Attractive Event Signage

Signage is inarguably still an effective means of advertising. This is why your event signage needs to be up to the mark and has to hit all the right notes to be effective. Many designing factors go into creating effective and attractive event signage.
So, here are five design tips that will help you come up with eye-grabbing and appealing signage for your event.

1. Keep Your Signage Legible and Visible

Always follow the less is more mantra when designing your event signage. If you make sure that your content is short, it will improve the readability of your sign. Also, make sure that you choose the right signage size for your message. Be mindful of your location and any obstructions that might come in the way of people viewing your event sign.

2. Avoid Clutter

Make sure that the content of your event signage is nicely spaced. You don’t want your promotional pull-up banner or standees to look too overcrowded; it would just turn away potential visitors! Keeping your message well-spaced and leaving white space in your signage will allow your message to become more readable.
The space you will leave around your signage graphics and text will also give it a neat and clean look. So, make sure to avoid the urge to fill your signage with too much content; at least 30% of your signage surface area should be left uncovered for maximum visibility.

3. Use Simple Fonts and Typefaces

Make sure that you use a simple, well-spaced, and clean font for your event signage, as such a font will improve your sign's legibility. You need to ensure that your message follows the proper typeface hierarchy; use the extended or bold weights of fonts to your advantage and highlight certain parts of your content.
Avoid writing your content in all caps – caps do not increase the visibility range of your content! So, make sure that you use both lower and upper case letters in your content as writing your content that way makes it more legible to the naked eye from a distance. Also, never use more than two varied fonts in a single signage design. Make sure that your standees have content typed in two complementing, legible fonts.

4. Add Vivid Graphics and Images

Depending on the size of your event signage, make sure to add one or two full-colour digital images or graphics to your signage. Adding a colourful, high-quality image to your signage will make it even more attractive.
Also, make sure that the image you use has no more than two or three colours – again, follow the less is more approach since a plethora of colours will only turn audiences away from your sign. The solid idea is to incorporate artwork and logos into your signage in the colour theme of your business to make your signage visually attractive.

5. Background Colors

Make sure that the background of your signage does not overpower your content. If you have content written in bright colours, a solid tip is to stick to a white background. However, if you have chosen light colours for your text and graphics, a black background will surely make them pop. So, ensure that your design background contrasts nicely with your content, as that will improve the text legibility and make your signage more attractive.
Follow the tips mentioned above to ensure that you end up with readable and attractive pull-up banners, standees, and other event signage.